Homespun: A Beauty Editorial
An ode to breaking barriers and loving local

The fact that June, the month of pride and independence in more ways than one, marks the mid-year is something of a pleasant coincidence. A wave of self-awareness that runs right between two halves, June is a nice little pocket for recalibration. What exactly are we proud of? What independences have we gained and which are we still fighting for? Mid-year musings at best, maybe. But these little inquisitions have us thinking.




As the month of June dances its swan song, photographer Rxandy Capinpin whisks us away on a color-rich cloud of pride and local love: proudly homegrown beauty brands painted on a man’s face––simply because these little victories are well worth celebrating.

Homespun: A Beauty Editorial
Homespun: A Beauty Editorial


Pearlescent amethyst, pastel-like aquamarine––play up the impact of soft jewel tones with a smattering of shimmer.


Not one for color? Take the spangled route instead. Trade in rich shades and delicate pastels for luxe silvers and golds. Go subtle with a dusting of highlighter across the skin or turn the dial up to 11 with full-on liquid metal lips.

Homespun: A Beauty Editorial

EB ADVANCE Glow Out Highlighter in Strobe, P199

Homespun: A Beauty Editorial

Clean skin makes the best building block for unapologetic brights. Turn up the contrast and juxtapose a bare base with saturated primaries and secondaries.

Homespun: A Beauty Editorial

CARELINE Graphic Ink Liner, P170 and Multi Stick in Peach, P205

Homespun: A Beauty Editorial

TÉVIANT Pencil Eyeliner in BelladonaReginaMavourneen and Coquette, P795 each


Shade beyond the lids and line beyond the eyes. Go wild, get imaginative. Products are only as limited as you let them be.


Pick, mix and leap across the color spectrum to pile on multicolored products in unexpected ways.

Homespun: A Beauty Editorial

BLK COSMETICS All-Day Intense Matte Lipstick in Lily, P399 and Intense Color Liquid Eyeshadow in Cute and Hello, P299 each


Spice up an otherwise understated look with a finishing touch of metal. Opt for liquid lipstick in a lustrous shade or side-step the boundaries of makeup by taking liquid highlighters or eyeshadow for a spin on the lips.

Photography Rxandy Capinpin assisted by Anton Vazquez

Makeup Poi Jakosalem

Hair Edrick Paz

Model Nikolas Mazeto at Women’s Folio

Art Alexandra Lara

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