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In Wonder’s first ever Zoom editorial, a team of creatives makes a major beauty serve mid-isolation

What do you get when you combine a kickass creative trio, a video conferencing app and a week of imposed isolation? This beauty editorial, that’s what.


Through the Looking Glass is a beauty story birthed by the minds of photographer Erwin Canlas, makeup artist Sylvina Lopez and model Janine Luna—three out of four creatives that helped bring Wonder’s Comfy AF! fashion story to life in November 2019. A creative exercise in the time of quarantine, the team was given free reign to translate the theme “treat yo self” into a beauty editorial within the space of two days. With Erwin in charge of direction, Slo at the helm of beauty brainstorming and Janine at the receiving end of their cues, the possibilities easily outnumbered the limitations. No rules, no preset directions, and most importantly, no physical contact.


Shot exclusively through our screens, Through the Looking Glass is an ode to life under lockdown: the days spent sleeping in, the sanity breaks between bad news, the  recognition that the privilege to luxuriate in these “little things” might not be such a little thing at all.

Rise & Shine


Unfurl those heatless waves and draw on statement eye look for a little #IWokeUpLikeThis chic—the perfect way to steal glances on your way to the kitchen.

Soak Up the Sun


A recommended elixir for WFH fatigue: some fresh air and sunshine—best enjoyed with a glossed-up, juicy lip and a serving of your favorite fruit.

An Apple a Day Keeps the Blues Away


A match made in merienda heaven: saturated inner corners and an unapologetic red lip. 

Be Kind, It Ain’t a Crime


These times are crazy, but fighting the good fight can call for a little recalibration. Take a breather, slather on a mask and come up for air when you need it.

Stay tuned for the behind-the-scenes reel of the editorial that popped the Wonder team’s virtual photo shoot cherry—coming your way real soon.


In the meantime, how about a little nostalgia? Pore over our Visuals archive and relive the days we shot editorials IRL.

Photography and Creative Direction Erwin Canlas

Beauty Direction Sylvina Lopez

Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist and Model Janine Luna

Produced by Wonder

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