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Army green suit by Edrick Paz, knee shield & helmet by Costume Hub Manila, boots by Joco Comendador

Man enough to try out these looks?

It’s an exciting time for menswear fashion. Men are no longer limited to the norm (shirt and jeans, suit and tie) and it isn’t uncommon for them to borrow style tips, clothes—or even makeup—from the girls these days. Yes, and this goes without saying, regardless of gender or sexuality.


Photographer Rxandy Capinpin takes us on a trip from boyhood to man in a brave new world, serving us looks made for the cute guy next door or a punky Klaus Hargreeves



Not one to ride on trends? That’s cool. Update the basics and get them in summer’s utilitarian tones or favored lush fabrics such as velvet

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Trench coat by H&M, highwaist Underwear by Bench Body, harness and boots by Joco Comendador

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Leather shirt by Dauson Bermtay, underwear by Bench Body, knee high boots by Joco Comendador

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Velvet sweater by Wearing Miss Keith, harness by Joco Comendador, pants by Uniqlo

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Dust off and dress up those cargo shorts with something current: a bowling shirt in the same color family. You may want to throw on accessories in complementing shades or wear with boots to man up a boy scout look

Cuban polo by Paul Andres, baggy shorts by Dani Familara, bucket hat by Forever 21, boots by Joco Comendador

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Borrow inspiration from the romance novels of yore and unbutton that shirt all the waaay down. Pair with corduroy trousers to keep it from looking

White longsleeve button-down by Forever 21, corduroy pants by Dani Familara, leather jacket worn around the waist by Edrick Paz, gold chain necklace by H&M

images 6

Leather trench by Dauson Bermtay, harness & boots by Joco Comendador, supporter by Bench Body, leather beret by Forever 21



Grease or sex up your wardrobe (whichever you prefer) via leather pieces—yes, in the summer but hear us out. Options include: leather hats, shorts, shirt and a ubiquitous jacket worn separately or if you’re up for it, altogether.

Photography and grooming Rxandy Capinpin Styling Keith Angelo

Model Felipe at Certeza Models

Backdrop Biblio

Art Alexandra Lara

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