David Guison and Angelique Manto

Shot on OPPO Reno5 using Ultra Wide and AI Scene Enhancement Modes.

The Perfect Meet-Cute: David Guison and Angelique Manto


The most iconic meet-cutes are memorable because, in them, two people meet effortlessly. There is no forced hand and no struggle in conversation—in fact, the conversation usually stretches on for hours after that initial introduction. But as much as we dream of such an experience, it’s a rare occurrence that few of us get to have in real life.


David Guison and Angelique Manto, though? Their connection began in a coffee shop.

David Guison and Angelique Manto

Shot on OPPO Reno5 using Ultra Wide and AI Scene Enhancement Modes.

On Angelique: Con Cordeta sheer dress. On David: Dickies trousers

Coffee Confessions

“This is an interesting story for me because I was very heartbroken when this happened,” says David about the first time he and Angelique met. “I came from a four-year relationship and sabi ko talaga, ayoko muna magka-love life (I really said, I don’t want to have a love life right now).”


But fate—or whatever you believe in—has a funny way of making things work when we least expect it. The two spent a lot of time in different corners of the same coffee shop, until David finally decided to slide into Angelique’s DMs one night.

David Guison and Angelique Manto
David Guison and Angelique Manto

David shot by Angelique on OPPO Reno5 using AI Color Portrait Mode.

David Guison and Angelique Manto
Angelique shot by David on OPPO Reno5 using AI Scene Enhancement Mode.

On David: Nina Amoncio top and trousers. On Angelique: Psyched Clothing tie-dye top

“‘Hey, you still up?’” recalls Angelique of that first message, and then admits she didn’t want to assume anything of the invitation. But after a series of events, including David mistagging Angelique in an Instagram Story before they even officially met, the two couldn’t deny how much they hit it off.

“I think it wasn’t planned, the way the stars aligned for the both of us,” continues Angelique. “I wasn’t looking but I was open to it, the [same] way that he wasn’t looking as well. But I guess if the fates have plans for you, then you’re just going to have to go along with it. And here we are right now.”

David Guison and Angelique Manto

Shot on OPPO Reno5 using Night Selfie mode.

Shot on OPPO Reno5 using Dual-View Video.

Video Editing MV Isip

Start of something new

The love story of David and Angelique blossomed in quarantine. The two spent hours on Zoom calls getting to know each other, with David even joking that they were putting themselves at risk by staying up until 4 in the morning. But the road to their current connection wasn’t what anyone could call a smooth one.


First of all, Angelique never wanted to date anyone within the industry. Secondly, David was, even he admits, a little too open during their first date. “It was awkward for me in a way [that] David was too comfortable with me in a snap,” says Angelique. “Like he was telling me about his life story and we [had] just met.”


Siguro hindi ko rin napigilan kase parang feeling ko ang dami ko na rin alam sa kanya (I guess I couldn’t help myself because I felt like I already knew so much about her),” says David in pseudo-defense. “Kase tinitignan ko profile niya. Stina-stalk ko siya. (Because I had looked at her profile. I was stalking her).”


And on the road of courtship, both of them had their doubts, too. David, coming off his long-term relationship, didn’t want to waste his time anymore. He shares: “Bigla na lang niya sasabihin out of nowhere, kunwari may small inconvenience, sasabihin niya, E ‘di wag na natin ituloy ‘to. Ba’t mo sinasayang oras mo sa’kin?’ (She would just say out of nowhere, like if there’s a small inconvenience, she would say, ‘Then let’s not continue this. Why are you wasting your time with me?’)” But here’s the kicker: even in those moments, they just couldn’t deny how well they got along. David explained getting to know Angelique as being overcome with a sense of gratitude in having someone to be with and to talk to. He says, “Just having that someone, that person to be with, to talk with kahit (even) not in a romantic way all the time. It was just really great. “


Neither of them were looking for each other or for anyone in particular—but they took that risk. And sometimes, the connections you make just eventually prove themselves worth it.

David Guison and Angelique Manto

Shot on OPPO Reno5 using AI Color Portrait Mode

Being each other’s inspiration

David describes himself as an OG blogger, part of the generation who started their careers before Instagram. He remembers struggling with the writing and taking inspiration from music videos and magazines—“Old school!” he shouts in nostalgia. Meanwhile, Angelique considers herself part of the new breed of content creators, and makes an example of how she makes content as simple as “[taking] a video of a chair, of the food, of the palm tree.”


You’d think this major difference in the state of their careers might be a cause of friction, but it’s the exact opposite. “I really draw inspiration from younger creators kasi I’m really so impressed…sobrang talented nila. Parang ako, [shocked na shocked] sa kanila at kung paano nila naisip ‘to. (They’re really so talented. I’m always so shocked with them and how they ideate their content.)”


Alternatively, Angelique says she tries to “emulate the way [the OG bloggers] did things before.” As she explains further, it’s like a give-and-take between them, and they complement each other in this sense. After all, David and Angelique both have their unique ways of getting creative, and it only helps that they have the right tools to explore it.

“With the OPPO Reno5, there’s so many features you can explore talaga. I would just walk somewhere and then I’d stop. And I’m like, ‘Oh wait I’ll take a photo of this, this is my content,’” she says. “I really take appreciation and see the beauty in mundane things, the little things. The raw things. Concrete, cement, even a trash can.”


As we see, it’s in the same way that David and Angelique’s relationship came at a time when neither of them expected that inspiration can sometimes come out of nowhere—so we best be prepared.


So what are their go-tos in these casual moments that dare them to #PictureLifeTogether? For Angelique, it’s the Dual-View video capability of the OPPO Reno5, which gives her followers a look at what she sees and how she reacts simultaneously. The 960fps AI Slow-Motion feature, on the other hand, is one that David loves. He goes on to say how he cringes at gitchy videos that try, but that the OPPO Reno5 is “sobrang swabe (super smooth)!”

David Guison and Angelique Manto

Shot on OPPO Reno5 using AI Color Portrait Mode

A picture of life together

Right now, we all enjoy David and Angelique’s videos and posts and candid moments, but when we ask how they #PictureLifeTogether in the future, David quips that it’s “down the aisle.” Upon hearing this, Angelique is quick to say they aren’t there yet, but that didn’t stop our ears from perking up at the possibility of seeing this next chapter of their relationship, too.


Despite the uncertainty of where these two end up in the next year—or two or five—there is one thing that our sit down made clear: Sometimes life leads you in directions you never expect or never really wanted, but being brave enough to take that leap or open that door or post that Story, can sometimes be the starting point of unexpectedly worthwhile connections.


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David Guison and Angelique Manto
David Guison and Angelique Manto

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