Industria: Meet Founder of SKINNI Swim Meryll Yan

Industria: Meet Founder of SKINNI Swim Meryll Yan

“The measure of external success might actually empty your soul”



Industria: Meet Founder of SKINNI Swim Meryll Yan



“Meryll Yan Chief Creative Artist Officer @newmonarqcreativx. Founder of @skinniswim. Strategist, Storyteller and Professional Wanderer,” reads Meryll’s ‘gram bio. But if you’ve worked with or have familiarized yourself with her work, you’d know that, that less than 150-character write up is a huge understatement.


Meryll Yan is an overachiever and a look at her LinkedIn profile will give you a brief summary of the things she has accomplished—for one, she has a double degree and two, she graduated with high honors. Her career began as a management trainee at Unilever before becoming assistant brand manager for Pond’s (and stealing anti-aging leadership from a competing brand in ’08, no biggie). And while she could’ve stayed and likely risen to an even more impressive corporate rank, Meryll decided to pursue her OTL (other true love, the first being her husband, business partner and PIC): writing. It seems the universe worked in her favor, too, as she got more than she had initially wanted. Meryll Yan became the youngest person to become group publisher and director for brand strategy for the country’s best fashion magazine, MEGA. Four years, six months later and an improved readership for the title to boot, she moved on to work for a journalistic platform as head of content marketing. Then, dove head on to yet another cutthroat industry: retail.


But hard stop right there. Exactly a year after joining retail, Meryll Yan disappeared from the face of the world wide web. She resurfaced not long after, almost barefaced with only her signature cat-eye, mermaid-long hair and a rock on her ring finger, and onto a venture different from the highly competitive world she thrived in. Enter SKINNI Swim, “an amalgam of fashion and adventure, the life aquatic, form and function, centered around a womanhood that embraces you for all of you.” 


Meryll might be a self-proclaimed “sometimes shark” in any industry she dabbles in, but she’s always championed first and foremost, women—in all shapes and sizes, forms and ages. She’s made that clear through the successful campaigns (most notably that body-positive fashion campaign of SM) and stories that she has launched and produced, respectively.


This time around, Meryll Yan has combined everything that she loves and lives for into a brand that is original and stylish (with can’t-find-anywhere-else prints inspired by marine life), unbelievably functional (all SKINNI swimwear are reversible) and built for a diverse and inclusive community of women who are beautiful, strong, brave, good and powerful.

SKINNI's new collection drops this April 2018


Now who says you can’t be both creative and analytical? Who says success is measured by prestigious job titles? Who says “sharks” can’t be “unicorns,” too, and vice versa?


We, women, can be more than just one thing; we can be all and have it all. Just ask Meryll Yan.


Industria: Meet Founder of SKINNI Swim Meryll Yan

Industria: Meet Founder of SKINNI Swim Meryll Yan


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