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The New Faces of Philippine Fashion: Get to Know Them

The New Faces of Philippine Fashion

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Eighteen faces, brand new eyes

Flipping through local fashion magazines today doesn’t feel the same as it did five, ten years ago. Or, since shifts in the industry have turned the tides in the digital direction, consider the difference between scrolling through digital editorials now and thumbing through decade-old glossies. 


The difference lies not only in the platform. The difference has a face, or an army of fresh new faces.

The world is at a crossroads. By-the-book definitions of beauty are facing a major overhaul, with all from the fashion giants to the trend-driven retailers recognizing the appeal of the atypical, awarding gold stars to the bearers of chipped brows, shaven heads, prismatic manes. This magnetism has trickled over to our side of the world, pushing a wave of palate-cleansing models to the forefront of the fashion scene.


These are the new faces of Philippine fashion.

Photography Rxandy Capinpin

Makeup Poi Jakosalem, Aldrin Jalandoni and Paige Seneres

Assisted by Joe Andy and Niko Gonzales

Models Samantha Acebal (Farah Models), Gelai Penales (Mercator), Kuya Sawa,
Bob Hassan, Yumi Fernandez (Farah Models), Mia Adyero (PMAP), Ella Lubag (Mercator),
Andrian Coronel, MJ Binas, Sacarie Alcala, Kim Fernandez (Elite Manila), Franz Garcia (Mercator),
Mika Melitante (PMAP), Renee Hartshorne (Farah Models), Athena Lee (Farah Models),
Romarie Fonseca, Chervin Mercado, Kirk Guillang (New Monarq)

Production Wonder

Location Chroma Studio

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