Who’s That Girl: Niki Colet

Who’s That Girl: Niki Colet

Niki Colet is another name for the OPM books



People say that when you nurture passion, great things come to life—and we’ve seen this proven time and time again. Whether in fashion, in beauty, in film, in music or anything (and everything) in between, names have been cemented into our hearts and minds because of things that their passions brought to life.


It’s too early to say whether Niki Colet will join these ranks permanently, but right now, we have her album, Endless Summer, on loop.




With no manager, no agent and no label at her side, Niki Colet worked full-time for two years on Endless Summer and the 6-piece album now has over 350,000 streams—and counting—on Spotify. It’s a number that’s both humbled and thrilled the 24-year-old singer/songwriter. After all, it’s something she had worked hard for since she graduated college; the release of the album meant she had come full-circle.


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Listening to her music—I Wish is a personal favorite—I was expecting her to arrive a little mellowed out. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised when she came in, instantly told me she was thrilled and excited about this feature and we started the conversation without much further hesitation. The topics flowed freely and I pretty much threw my prepared questions out the door.


Like the beginning of the greatest love stories, that of Niki and music’s began at a young age. She was, as she recalls, “always singing” and pretty much hasn’t stopped since—which is why the choice to put off a corporate career after earning her Creative Writing degree didn’t seem all that risky. So while the rest of us were sending out resumes and having first-interview jitters, Niki Colet was in the studio, making music and collaborating with those closest to her.


It sounds like the ideal journey: you find what makes you happy, you nurture it and you somehow create something from nothing. The thing is, every road is a bumpy one and Niki’s was no exception. There was trouble with earlier collaborators, tight timelines and the sheer immensity of what she had in front of her. But she was right when she said that “anything that’s worth anything is going to be hard.” She stuck it out and bore the tired on her back like the champion that she is and survived.


Despite the heart and soul that she’s put into her music, however, Niki’s well aware she wouldn’t have finished without some key people. With genuine gratitude, she shares that Endless Summer is owed to her family, her producers and other instrumentally-inclined friends. No man (no woman, even) is an island sometimes.


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If you want to fall in love, to caress a heart that’s broken, to feel or to ignite something you thought was gone, then listen to something of Niki Colet. Take your pick between The Sound, Big City, Could Be Love, Good Morning, Yes or I Wish and find yourself a comforting moment.


It took two years for us to get our ears on the tracks that complete Endless Summer and we don’t know how long it will be till the second album but—to rephrase Niki—anything worth having is worth the wait.




Photos Shaira Luna

Art Alexandra Lara


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