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Industria: An Unfiltered Look At Paulo Avelino

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Paulo Avelino in his own words



Paulo Avelino is no stranger to local screens. His career has withstood the years, but he personally got my attention years ago when he starred as Simon Evangelista in On The Wings Of Love. Since then, he’s starred as the titular role on Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral, showed us his singing chops in Ang Larawan and, most recently, as a fictional version of himself in Direk Antoinette Jadaone’s award-winning Fan Girl.


His role in Fan Girl has gotten us talking again, there is no doubt about that. Because of ~that~ scene, yes, but also because Paulo just has a chameleon-like way of portraying characters on screen. His roles, at core, are very different from each other, and yet he masterfully portrays them at every opportunity. We don’t know about you, but we fully support the decision of awarding him Best Actor at the MMFF Gabi ng Parangal.



Born on May 13, 1988 (sorry, Pau), this multi-awarded actor has gotten praise from all around. He’s garnered several other awards for his leading and supporting roles over the years, including a Gawad Urian Award and a Filipino Reader’s Choice Award. Not to mention Lea Salonga claimed that he’d be “one of the greatest” as he continues to grow in his acting career.



That tweet from the Broadway star was years before and, looking back now, Paulo really did come through. With all the potential he showed and continues to show, we’re only excited to see what else he can do. What other characters will be play? Whose story will he give life to next?



On a somewhat unrelated note, Paulo Avelino looks like the bad and misunderstood boy of our naïve teenage years. Then again, who is he beyond it and characters he plays so well? Not a lot of us know because, unlike many of his colleagues, Paulo doesn’t say much beyond a script. He’s been very careful not to overstep and getting a glimpse of a candid Pau is a rarity—but one that’s worth the find.


Much like Jane (Charlie Dizon) finding out the truth about her idol in Fan Girl, it’s time that we get a glimpse of who the real Paulo is. Unfiltered, he’s a gamer with embedded-in-his-memory codes and an evident sense of humor, yet still with a seriousness and hope that cannot be denied no matter how casual the setting may be.


Don’t believe us? See for yourself; a lot becomes obvious when you give a man a pen, some paper and a few minutes to be himself.




Catch Fan Girl at this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival, via UPSTREAM and in partnership with GMovies. 



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