Skate Style at Vans Go Skateboarding Day 2018

Skate Style at Vans Go Skateboarding Day 2018

A weekend of skate tricks on skate ramps, custom obstacles and looks—lots of looks



In the hands of those who make the fashion industry go ‘round, almost anything can be given a high-end makeover. It’s the reason A.P.C. has its 100-dollar plain white tee, Vetements can sell 800-dollar sweatpants and Kanye West has a cotton-jersey sando retailing for $100 via Yeezy. We can go on—and have gone on before—about the most random yet ridiculously expensive designer items that have hit stores…all the while aware that they will always still sell out anyway. People don’t want new. People want the same stuff…only elevated. And when this gets the seal of approval by someone influential in fashion, it will without a doubt fly off the shelves.


In recent years, the fascination has been with streetwear: designer, polished, super slick, don’t-mind-the-price-tag-because-it’s-a-fashion-investment kind of streetwear. It gave rise to the Heron Preston’s and the Virgil Abloh’s of the world and made labels like Champion, Supreme and OBEY staples of a new kind of casualwear uniform.


Amid all the fanfare, we’d do well to remember where the interest came from in the first place. It originated in the streets, and in large part, the skate community. Go Skateboarding Day was a pleasant reminder of that.


GSD 2018 was a timely homage to the early years of the movement everyone has now grown to appreciate. It brought us back to the ‘90s and early 2000’s where streetwear was about casual pieces merely doubling as performance wear for those in skate circles. In that respect, it reminded us that streetwear was once about performance (where porma was a bonus—and not the other way around). It was once about dressing up to get down and dirty. It was once fun, and its disciples, at point not shackled by labels or self-conscious about aesthetic.


At Vans’ annual Go Skateboarding Day, we got to witness all kinds of skateboarding enthusiasts bring back the old school flair of streetwear. And we had no qualms at all about being schooled on what real, fun skate style looks like. Have a look-see at what we’re talking about.




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Photography and Art Alexandra Lara


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