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Take a Bite: An Exploration of Food and Beauty featuring Sue Ramirez

Take a Bite: An Exploration of Food and Beauty featuring Sue Ramirez

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An exploration of food and beauty featuring Sue Ramirez

From a distance, food and beauty may not share much common ground. Put simply, one is a necessity and the other a luxury, one a tangible object and the other a subjective meter of comeliness.


But upon closer inspection, it seems that these two realms share an unspoken resemblance––an uncanny nearness that ties the worlds of whisking and baking and devouring, and painting and blending and admiring, together. Both a summation of parts, the respective arts behind food and makeup artistry boil down to the wielder’s mastery over the smaller elements that build up to a definitive whole. The easy swooping arch of a brow, the crispness of the top layer of a dessert––every fractional detail owns a say in taste and guise.

Both disciplines hinge heavily on the physical, taking color and texture into account when considering palatability or attractiveness. Finding its roots in nature, food is lush with appetizing reds and lush greens––a kind of rainbow that could so easily be transposed into a palette of brights or metallics. Case in point: In 2017, the Food Makeup Challenge made its round on the YouTube scene. A full face of food as makeup? The results weren’t quite as dismal as one would expect.

Perhaps it’s for these reasons that makeup extraordinaire Dick Page’s transition from beauty to culinary was only natural. Renowned in the 90s for giving the likes of Kate Moss a timeless look of moist skin and color-kissed lips, he has become something of an Instagram foodie account in the present day. Whether it’s a tide of purples smeared across eyelids or a snapshot of pan-fried seafood on a bed of shredded corn and vibrant greens, the artist-turned-foodfluencer shows us that a singular current of life and luxury flows through beauty and food alike.


The worlds of food and beauty tell their own effervescent stories of color and spirit, leaving inspiration and indulgence in their wake.


Open your eyes. Take a bite.

Starring Sue Ramirez

Photography Stephen Capuchino

Art Direction Jobo Nacpil

Styling Ryuji Shiomitsu

Words and Beauty Direction Cessi Treñas

Makeup Julius Cabanisas

Hair Julia Fresh

About The Author

Writer, professional fangirl, beauty director and sometimes-stylist. Just another twentysomething Jenna Rink wannabe.

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