Teejay Marquez: How Far We’ve Come

Teejay Marquez: How Far We’ve Come

It’s been two years since the Wonder team was last in a studio with Teejay Marquez. At that point, he was reeling from the success of Ben x Jim, in a time when the Boys' Love genre was still something new to the local scene. Since then, a lot has changed—Teejay has found success in Indonesia and as an entrepreneur—but so much about him has stayed the same.

Teejay Marquez: How Far We’ve Come

Teejay admits that his acting career in Indonesia was never planned. It started with a simple Dubsmash video, which went viral and landed him in the minds and hearts of an Indonesian audience. And while he was thankful for the new fans that quick video got him, he thought it was a scam when he got an email from an Indonesian agency inviting him in for a project; he thought the message was something that belonged in his Spam folder. After a project with ABS-CBN, that same agency got in touch with a contact here in the Philippines, and Teejay realized he should be taking the opportunity seriously. 


He went to Indonesia for a commercial, and he ended up with a movie. He started guesting in different shows, and the projects just kept coming—including a role in local iteration of Meteor Garden. Before he knew it, Teejay was learning a different language, spending months in a different country and reaching an audience he never thought he would.

Teejay Marquez: How Far We’ve Come

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“Surreal” is how Teejay describes his success in Indonesia. “Unexpected yung nangyari sakin. Wala sa plano yun. Pero when it happened, grinab ko yung opportunity. And then yung nakita ko na tanggap ako ng mga tao sa Indonesia, I felt so thankful and blessed.”


(“What happened to me was unexpected. It wasn’t part of the plan. But when it happened, I grabbed the opportunity. And then when I saw that the people in Indonesia accepted me, I felt so thankful and blessed.”)


But this doesn’t mean that Teejay has forgotten his fans in the Philippines. Until now, he’s eager to meet them and take photos with them. “Imbis na magalit sila or magtampo sila, sobrang happy sila kase alam nila na masaya ako sa mga nangyayarin sa akin,” he shares. “Happy na rin sila para sakin.”


(“Instead of getting mad or sulking, they’re happy for me because they know I’m happy with what’s been happening,” he shares. “They’re happy for me.”)

Teejay Marquez: How Far We’ve Come

Teejay Marquez’s career in Indonesia isn’t the only thing that’s changed. He also started a business, The Goodskin.


Nung una, sabi ko gagawin ko yan, matagal na,” starts Teejay. “Yung pandemic, ang dami mong naiisip, gusto mo na may magawa since two years ka na nasa loob ng bahay. So ginamit ko yun na imbis nakatunganga lang, ito na yung chance ko para magplano ako ng negosyo.”


(“From the beginning, I said I wanted to do this,” starts Teejay. “In the pandemic, you think of a lot of things, and you want to do something because you’ve been stuck at home for two years. So I used that time instead to plan my business instead of just waiting around.”


Getting into skincare seemed to make the most sense. Teejay admits speaking with friends who advised him that he should get into an industry that he knows, that he loves, and that he could tell a story in. And because Teejay was always interested in skin care—with people always asking him what he uses for himself—things just fell into place.


Teejay and his team found local manufacturers and started the one-year journey to The Goodskin.

Teejay Marquez: How Far We’ve Come

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For Teejay, the successes he’s experienced has translated to changes in himself. “Feeling ko mas mature ako,” he says. “Mas nag-focus ako sa sarili ko, sa mga mas importanteng bagay. Yung bago ka, pag gusto mo, kuha ka ng kuha… Na-realize ko na small things lang ang magpapasaya sa yo.”


(“I feel like I’m more mature,” he says. “I’m focused on myself, on the important things. When you’re new, if you like something, you keep saying yes. I’ve realized that it’s the small things that make you happy.”) 


But so much about Teejay has stayed the same. It’s evident in his demeanor, in how he speaks to everyone on set and always has a smile on his face. He was ready to try anything the team asked him to do, and we saw him flourish with each snap the camera took. 


“For me, ganito pa rin naman talaga ako,” he confirms. “Ako talaga, feeling ko walang nagbago especially even if nagkaroon ako ng maraming projects. Kung paano ko tinatrato yung mga tao sa paligid ko, same pa rin. Wala sa vocabulary ko na maging snob or lalaki ulo ko, wala naman ganun.


(“For me, I’m still the same person,” he confirms. “I feel like nothing has changed even if I’ve received a lot of projects. How I treated the people around me, it’s still the same. It’s not in my vocabulary to be a snob or have a big ego, nothing like that.”)

Teejay Marquez: How Far We’ve Come

The last few years have been big for Teejay Marquez—in so many ways. But he’s still the same person: grounded, grateful and just taking what life has to offer him. 


“Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment. Just take risks,” he says. “Get out of your comfort zone. Kung ano man ang kinakabahan mo, just try. Hindi mo alam ang naghinintay sayo. Walang tutulong sayo kung hindi ikaw.”


(“Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment. Just take risks,” he says. “Get out of your comfort zone. Whatever is making you nervous, just try. You never know what’s waiting for you. No one will help you but yourself.”)

Teejay Marquez: How Far We’ve Come
Teejay Marquez: How Far We’ve Come

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