The Power Of The Portrait: Selfie Tips From Chie Filomeno

The Power Of The Portrait: Selfie Tips From Chie Filomeno

On perfecting the art of the selfie & creating content


Much has been said about the art of the selfie, a currency of sorts in this digital age. A quick scroll through actress Chie Filomeno’s Instagram account, and it’s evident that she has, in fact, perfected the process. We caught up with the 24-year-old to get her foolproof tips and tricks on taking the perfect selfie and creating content. 

The Power Of The Portrait: Selfie Tips From Chie Filomeno



The Power Of The Portrait: Selfie Tips From Chie Filomeno

“First, practice with a mirror to find your best angles!,” shares Chie. Good thing nowadays, our smartphones are the new pocket mirrors. And don’t worry, it’s okay to feel awkward at first! You’ll feel comfortable in no time. 


The Power Of The Portrait: Selfie Tips From Chie Filomeno

For Chie, natural light makes all the difference in photographs. The best time to shoot your selfies? Golden hour!


The Power Of The Portrait: Selfie Tips From Chie Filomeno

Making memories requires a reliable smartphone as a companion. For Chie, it’s the vivo V21 5Gthat’s upgraded her whole smartphone experience. It’s even helped her perfect the occasional selfie! She shares, “The last thing you need to have is a good selfie device. This is where my vivo V21 5G comes in! It has the best features for photographs, and some of my favorites are the Selfie Spotlight and Ultra HD. I love it because even in dimly-lit settings, my photos always come out bright.”


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Wonder: What makes up your phone’s gallery? Who and what do you love taking photos of the most?


Chie: Staying at home made me more appreciative of what life has to offer. I mean, I’ve always appreciated what I have before all this, but now, I just feel like I need to capture every single thing or occasion so that I get to be reminded of a particular emotion or moment. It’s like filling up a daily diary, actually. Just in photo and video formats!

W: How does the V21 5G help you capture these moments perfectly? Do you have any favorite features of the phone that help you take your photos, and the occasional selfie, to the next level?


C: If I could label my fave pose I’d call it CHIErce (fierce?) hahaha! I tend to have an RBF (Resting Bitch Face) I use to my advantage hahahah! So halos puro fierce look ‘yung pictures ko (most of my pictures are fierce) hahahaha! 


There are so many good features about the vivo V21 5G that I love, but my most favorite is its camera! Amazing quality, imagine lahat ng gusto mo sa isang phone asa vivo V21 na (the vivo V21 has everything you want in a phone). I take pictures a lot, LIKE A LOT. Syempre gusto ko maganda na agad photos, ‘yung hindi na ako [maglalagay] ng filters (Of course, I want the photos to instantly look good, whereinI won’t have to add filters). vivo V21 is that phone! That is why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

W: Being a celebrity in this day and age means also being a content creator. How do you curate your content? Is there a process that goes behind it?


C: I make sure that I stay true to myself and my interests. Of course, I still listen to people about what content they want to see from me. But at the end of the day, I share the parts of me that I’m willing to let out. 

W: What advice would you give aspiring digital creatives to make it in the digital space? 


C: Just create. Whether you get the outcome that you want or not. So when you get the big break that you finally want, you’re well-equipped with the skills and knowledge in content creating.


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Get your hands on #TheNewPortraitMaster, the vivo V21 5G, for P23,999 on all vivo stores, kiosks and exhibits or online via Shopee or Lazada.


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