A Wonder Special Series: Marvin Fojas

A Wonder Special Series: Marvin Fojas

Behind the scenes with TikTok’s resident bhie, Marvin Fojas Ramirez (AKA Marvin Fojas)



The internet is flush with pandemic transformations. Over on TikTok, the hashtag #coronaglowup picked up some steam, which was then followed by the timeless #glowupchallenge and a number of other before-and-after trends for the aspiring creators on the ‘net to hop on.


Marvin Fojas, otherwise known as @marvsfojas online, has faced his own version of a transformation over the past year.


When the pandemic hit in early 2020, Marvin was a licensed pharmacist just beginning to flex his content creation muscle. But on October 1st, he took to Twitter to announce that he had resigned from his job to pursue his true passion: churning out content, utilizing his platform for good and making the world a brighter place while he’s at it. “I planned, worked hard and prepared enough for this. This was my dream, I will make this work.”


Fast forward to the present: Marvin isn’t just making it work. If his TikTok following of 7.5 million is any indication, he’s thriving. 


A Wonder Special Series: Marvin Fojas


Hitting refresh while the world is having a collective breakdown isn’t something everyone can do. Having that option on the table is a privilege in itself, but Marvin is putting in the work to make the change worth it. Five years of dreaming, preparation and perseverance put towards the unflinching goal of making people laugh.


Ahead, learn more about the everyday of Marvin Fojas, (full-time!) content creator and new vivo ambassador.


Wonder: Describe your childhood. What was “home” to you then? 

Marvin: I was born and grew up in the province of Oriental Mindoro, probinsyano yarn? Sobrang simple lang ng buhay ng family namin. (Our family life was very simple.) Since I’m a ‘90s kid, I’ve experienced life without advanced technology and [the] internet. Usually naglalaro ako sa labas, pumupunta sa bundok at naliligo sa ilog. (Usually, I’d play outside, go to the mountains and bathe in the river.) I had a very shallow understanding of what home was then. For me, it was a place where a family lives together—simple as that.


W: What is “home” to you now?

M: I think home is no longer a place but a comfortable feeling I get when I’m with my family, friends and other people special to me. It is also when I’m just with myself and enjoying my own company. Even if I’m alone or not as long as I feel happy and comfortable, it’s home to me.


W: What is a day in your life like? At what specific moments do you get your phone out to take a snapshot of what’s happening?

M: Usually nasa loob lang ako ng condo mag-isa (I’m usually just in my condo alone) since I’m living independently. Minsan nalang ako lumabas (I hardly go outside) because of the pandemic, and I work from home as a content creator. Because of that, I usually spend most of my time using my phone. As a content creator, I also like sharing my life to my followers. Minsan sobrang random ng mga shinishare ko, pero mostly yung activities and routines ko sa loob ng bahay, mga candid moments. (Sometimes, what I share is super random, mostly my activities and routines at home, those candid moments). Something that can make them smile, laugh or at least feel better.


W: Why do you feel the need to record these moments of your life?

M: I feel like sharing moments of my life to my followers is something that helps me connect with them on a more personal level. At dahil nga mag-isa lang ako at wala ako makakausap (And since I’m by myself and don’t have anyone to talk to), it also helps me share my thoughts and it feels like I’m just talking to a friend. 


A Wonder Special Series: Marvin Fojas

W: How would you describe the type of content you push out for the public?

M: My content is mostly comedy videos. I love making content that is either relatable or funny because I love making people laugh. This is not far from who I am as a person because I was usually the class clown when I was a student, and even until now when I’m with my friends. Sobrang dami nang negativities na nangyayari sa mundo (With so many negative things happening around us), it’s my pleasure to at least make them smile and lighten up their day.


W: Do you ever have moments when you just quiet down and think about how far you’ve come?

M: Sometimes when I feel like I’m still far from my goals in life, I try to look back to see how far I’ve come. Ang laki ng naging changes sa life ko this past year kaya sobrang thankful din talaga ako sa mga blessings na natatanggap ko. (There have been such big changes in my life this past year, so I’m really thankful for the blessings I receive.) At the same time, it also makes me proud of myself because I know I’ve worked really really hard to get to where I am now. 


W: June is about Pride & Independence. What do these two themes mean to you this month and all-year long? 

M: For me, Pride is about celebrating who we are as individuals, our beauty and flaws, our achievements and failures. All these things make us who we are now and help us live a life of independence, not relying on other people’s praise and validation. The more we accept ourselves, the less we’ll try to please other people.  


W: If you could label your favorite selfie pose, what would you call it? Why do you love to use the vivo V21 series for moments that just demand a selfie?

M: I think my favorite selfie pose would be the “Luh” pose. It’s a facial expression that sort of became my signature pose. Yan yung laging hinahanap ng mga followers ko (That’s what my followers always look for), and I know it makes them happy


I love using vivo V21 for taking selfies because it captures moments clearly no matter what time of the day it is. As a content creator, sobrang importante talaga ng good lighting, para laging fresh ganon. (As a content creator, good lighting plays an extremely important role in keeping you fresh.) That’s why my favorite would be its Selfie Spotlight feature that makes my selfies even more clearer.



Diving head-first into the volatile, Marvin Fojas is redefining his career, success and happiness on his own terms.


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Photography Miguel Alomajan

Art Direction Ryan Conrad Bautista

Art Alexandra Lara

Styling Ryuji Shiomitsu

Makeup Kirt Dinaliso

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