What Does Manila Look Like Through Aryanna Epperson’s Window?

What Does Manila Look Like Through Aryanna Epperson’s Window?

Aryanna Epperson on enjoying evenings, routines and capturing memories



The past year has been nothing but transformative. The more time we've spent indoors, the more we've learned to adapt work and play into something more homebody-friendly. We add little acts into our daily routines that help us keep going, such as getting some natural vitamin D and maintaining a hobby or two. In the case of Aryanna Epperson, a well-rounded content creator—host, YouTuber, one-minute vlogger, livestreamer, gamer, cosplayer—quarantine has transformed her and her routine too.


“Over the course of the pandemic, I’ve slowly turned into a night owl—I found that it was when most of my friends were online!” she shares. As part of an effort to reconnect with her friends and loved ones at that time, Aryanna says that being present during the evenings just made sense. “Aside from playing online games, we would also organize quiz nights or game nights, all of which are memorable to me!” 


And what’s a better way to capture and remember these memories than snapping a quick shot? So, may it be a good makeup day or what the night sky looked like during her happiest hours, Aryanna makes it a point to make the memory last by taking a photo. Her preference for evenings pours over into her recent content, too. You can catch her livestreaming her gameplays early into the evening and even podcasting with her friends at Geek Speak PH.


Ahead, what happened in our sitdown with Aryanna to talk about her nightly routine, immortalizing memories even at night and what photo of Manila puts her at ease.


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Wonder:  What is it about evenings that you enjoy the most?

Aryanna Epperson: I’m a night owl, so that means I feel most productive in the evening. It feels like the whole world is asleep, and I just have time for myself, be it to work, play video games, read a book or binge a new series! I feel my creative juices flowing most at night. There are times that I can’t even keep still and go to bed because I get random ideas.

What Does Manila Look Like Through Aryanna Epperson’s Window?

Taken with the OPPO Reno5 Night Flare Portrait Mode

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W: What makes up your evening routine? Which parts can't you skip and why?

A: Ever since I moved out and into my own apartment, I feel like my days are always productive, mainly because I have to take care of everything myself. One of my favorite things to do is prepare dinner while blasting music! I turn it up real loud and dance, making the whole cooking experience fun. When I eat, I don’t like to be distracted by sitting in front of my computer or TV, so that I can fully enjoy my meal and appreciate what I made. It allows me to sit by my dining nook and look out the window and enjoy the evening view from my condo. If I’ve already completed work earlier in the day, I love to play video games with friends and even livestream it on my page. Since I don’t get to go out, it’s the second-best way for me to socialize and share my passion with others.  


I also make sure to sit down and take notes of the content I can create during this lockdown, so having devices that can keep up with me and my creative process helps a lot.

W: Is there a photo or snapshot taken at night that puts you at ease? How come?

A: A memorable nighttime photo was taken during my birthday, the second one I spent over quarantine. I used the Night Flare Portrait Feature for this shot. It was a fun evening with my family at my place. We all made sure to dress up, turned on some neon lights, and pretended we were partying—just indoors, that is. 

What Does Manila Look Like Through Aryanna Epperson’s Window?

Taken with the OPPO Reno5 Night Flare Portrait Mode

W: How important is it for you to be able to capture moments in the evening? What are your tips and tricks for taking night-time shots?

A: Some of my most memorable moments happen at night, so being able to take photos in low light is essential. I use my OPPO Reno5’s Ultra Dark Mode feature to take photos and videos of my favorite moments. This feature is so easy to use because it automatically detects if your photo needs more light when it’s too dark, so you can take snaps without compromising the quality of the pictures.

What Does Manila Look Like Through Aryanna Epperson’s Window?

Taken with the OPPO Reno5 Ultra Dark Mode

There’s also the Ultra Night Selfie feature for whenever I feel like taking a selfie. I never have to worry about the place being “too dark” because my OPPO Reno5 will give me my own ring light—so my selfies are always on point, even at night.

What Does Manila Look Like Through Aryanna Epperson’s Window?

Taken with the OPPO Reno5 Ultra Night Selfie Mode

W: Do you have any advice for those who are hesitant to capture their memories or to create content at night?

A: I know it can seem daunting to always take photos or videos especially when you're also posting these on social media. But even through times where it seemed tedious, I have never once regretted taking a photo or video, because I always look back and am grateful that I sealed that moment in an image or video! I love remembering the good times. So if I can do that by simply whipping out my phone and snapping a pic or video, then why not? The more we are limited, let’s say by staying home for instance, then the more we are challenged to be creative!


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Our quick chat proved to us that, amid the flurry of busy mornings and late-night streams, Aryanna Epperson still takes time to step back, appreciate her surroundings and make more memories—a lesson we can all take to heart ourselves. She does so with the help of the OPPO Reno5, which makes for anyone's perfect all-in-one sidekick for content creation and memory hoarding. It’s packed with many features ideal for capturing high-quality moments throughout the day. Snap away the Ultra Dark Mode to enhance your nightscape views. And for photos that demand to stand out, the Night Flare Portrait Mode gives a natural bokeh effect, which makes it perfect for capturing scenes after dark.


Seizing the day by creating content or keeping them in your memories forever is only one click away. Immortalize that beautiful skyline outside your window or take a selfie of your makeup experiments with your trusty device—even at night. Life is fleeting after all, so go and make the most out of it.


Take snapshots of your favorite night views and memories with the OPPO Reno5 Ultra Dark Mode, Ultra Wide Angle, and Live HDR. The OPPO Reno5 4G and OPPO Reno5 5G retails at PHP18,999 and PHP23,999, respectively. Shop them through any OPPO Brand Store nationwide, or on Shopee and Lazada.


Images Aryanna Epperson

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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