#WonderAtOne: We Celebrated Our First Birthday

#WonderAtOne: We Celebrated Our First Birthday

And yes, it was as fun as it sounds



Can things you do for work be considered passion projects? Because that's honestly what the eventuality that was #WonderAtOne felt like.


Story time: despite the cool, unbothered energy that dripped off the art-festooned walls of Vinyl on Vinyl that night, #WonderAtOne was a project one year in the making. The entire occasion was supposed to have been a launch party to celebrate the birth of Wonder, but fast forward a year later and the delay proved itself a good choice. We got a much more rounded-out list of performers, live artists mingling with party guests, food and drink options that quite frankly surprised even ourselves––but we're getting ahead of ourselves here.


Let us talk you––and more importantly, show you––through the festivities that went down that Friday evening.



First off, the set-up. It made perfect sense for Wonder to host its first party in a place like Vinyl on Vinyl, considering they stand for the same things we do (read: championing of local talent, art appreciation, the list goes on), all while being in a cozy little pocket of Makati.


Speaking of appreciating art: among of the most exciting developments throughout the night was seeing our live artists Cholo Cardenas and Betina Continuado (a.k.a Sad Bouy and Betsy Cola) translate very own iteration of Wonder’s theme, Cool Summer Nights, into a work of paint on canvas.


Ah, and how could we forget the music? We’ve had a pretty good go at featuring local musicians throughout the first year, with one of our personal favorite projects being our feature on electronic singer-songwriter Nights of Rizal. Lucky to have kept him on board for the project since the very beginning, Nights of Rizal set the mood for the night with his opening set, layering beats and spewing catchy one-liners that would echo in the backs of our heads for the rest of the evening. The performances continued with two local musicians whom we first encountered at music collective Echoes PH’s event, Before Midnight. There was hip-hop artist Charlie Fleur who is clearly a natural when it comes to keeping the mood high and the audience listening and songstress Mariamaria (with Jigo Viriña on deck), whose sweet, honey-like vocals sounded like sunlight through the noise of camera shutters and party chit-chat.


There’s much more to discuss, like the food-filled grazing table we kept finding ourselves going back to, the drinks selection guests fully enjoyed care of The PCK, who proved themselves as true local craft kings, and Happy Living, and the VANS sneakers and Fender speaker from 0917 that lucky winners took home at the end of the program, but alas, that’s enough from us. Check out the video below to see what #WonderAtOne was like.



And in case you want to relive the night of our first birthday some more, here's the playlist we kept on loop all night long. See y’all at the next one!


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Words Cessi Treñas

Photography Elisa Aquino and Kitkat Pajaro

Videography and Editing Richard Webb

Art Alex Lara

Special Thanks to Vinyl on Vinyl, VANS, 0917, The PCK, Happy Living

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