What Went Down At #WonderAtThe4? A Lot

What Went Down At #WonderAtThe4? A Lot

We make a case for simple and somewhat childish fun at #WonderAtThe4



After plans for Wonder’s second anniversary in 2020 got crushed by the pandemic, we turned to an online celebration in 2021. Camp Wonder was as fun as online events could go then, but—if I may be honest—it just didn’t hit the nail on the head as we would have liked. After all, there’s nothing quite like an actual celebration where you can feel the energy bounce off the walls, and you can hear the effects of music and alcohol reverberating off everyone in attendance. 


So, really, you have no idea how itchy we were for #WonderAtThe4.



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#WonderAtThe4 took place on June 30 in Alamat, Poblacion. And after months of prep and hours of making bargains with mother nature, we opened the doors. The location itself was intentional; we wanted somewhere familiar and reminiscent of our pre-pandemic lives—not to mention that its bigger space occupation acts as reminder for that collective evolution we should all wear proudly. This theme was carefully tucked into everything else that went down at #WonderAtThe4: simple and nostalgic to the point of almost childishness, but a whole lot of fun.


We announced our partnership with Lunchboxer, TNC Pro MNL and PinoyGamer. We played games like Family Feud and POB, which people hopped onto for the sheer sake of fun (and prizes; everyone had their eye on those vivo picks). There were raffles handed out (online dating has never been the same, as our Tinder Gold Pass winners will now better experience), as well as awards for the people that brought their A-game—whether in beauty, style, sportsmanship or congeniality. And, of course, there were musical performances from artists that could very well shape the future of OPM—Careless Music’s Jolianne and Massiah—that broke down the segments for a little breather and some time to dance, drink and finally be merry. 


The energy was different; it felt like a drink of cold water after years in a pandemic-induced drought.



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The night that marked #WonderAtThe4 ended, and guests took home kits that included a few choices items from the team, as well as gifts from Y.O.U Beauty, Wonder Factory and Issy&Co. There was so much gratitude and joy and fun all around Alamat; we're already nostalgic for it. 


But hey, it's only until next time.



Photos Wilmark Jolindon

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver 

Special thanks to Alamat, Careless, Y.O.U Beauty, vivo, Tinder and Issy&Co


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