The 9-To-6 of Team Wonder: #WonderxNiana Cover Shoot Day With Polaroid

The 9-To-6 of Team Wonder: #WonderxNiana Cover Shoot Day With Polaroid

Behind the scenes with the new Polaroid Go Instant Camera



At the beginning of the pandemic, we moved to Zoom and FaceTime to shoot our monthly covers. Producing them remotely was something that had to be explored given the lockdowns, but it was novel and fun in its own way; more importantly, it was a chance to still create together even in isolation and it was made easy with the new polaroid. 


Almost two years later, though, it’s decided that there’s still no replicating the energy from getting to collaborate in the same space. So when circumstances permit them, on-ground shoots feel like a reunion; scenes on the set come alive in a different way, too. In revisiting what it’s like on cover shoot day for Team Wonder, we turn to our latest one featuring dancer and content creator Niana Guerrero. Ahead, a breakdown of cover shoot day with snapshots taken with the Polaroid Go Instant Camera.


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9.00 AM. 

The day starts for the team. Since our cover shoot with Niana starts at noon, the team has time to check emails, work on stories and, for those heading to the studio (namely, our art directors, stylist, and a content lead), this is pack-up time. Then, it’s off to the studio.


10.00 AM.

After everyone has their RT-PCR tests done, there’s time to pick up where earlier deskwork left off. Off in a corner, though, are Team Wonder's Elisa and Fets, shooting materials for social media. Photographer Ed Enclona sets up his backdrop. Makeup artist Sylvina Lopez and hairstylist Ida Siasoco set up their station.




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12.00 PM.

Niana arrives. She gets her swab test done and, once in the clear, hops on the makeup chair for the first hair and makeup look. (It’s the one that winds up on the cover: a vivid pink on the cheeks and stained, moisturized lips along with Baby Spice pigtails.) The last member of the team arrives: Keit Rivera, who’s on deck for videography.



2.00 PM. (Time to use the new Polaroid Go Instant Camera)

Niana changes into a turtle neck and tennis skirt look, and the team gets shooting (dance breaks in between takes included). The rest of the Wonder team is looking on via Zoom and reviews the photos along with the rest of the team on-ground. Early favorites for the cover, if any, are pointed out.



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4.00 PM.

As the team breaks for snacks, Niana gets ready for a hair and makeup change. During the downtime, she scrolls through TikTok, checks her social media, and talks 2021 highlights with the team.





5.00 PM. (Part two of using Polaroid Go Instant Camera)

Now sporting a watercolor eyeshadow look and a braided space bun hairstyle, Niana hops back on the set. To showcase the rather unconventional combo in fashion, art director Matthew Fetalver lets Niana play around on set, really taking the time for this layout.


wraparound pant leg and skirt worn together – both designed by up-and-comer Nina Amoncio

7.00 PM.

Cover shoot day culminates with Niana shooting her TikTok dance video and her behind-the-scenes video, where she walks us through her 2022 vision board. What things would she like to manifest this year?




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Here’s what we’d like to manifest in 2022: to celebrate every day and capture these moments with Polaroid. The Polaroid Go Instant Camera featured in this story retails for ₱9,790 and is available online on and in Bratpack Stores located in Greenbelt 5 Mall, UP Town Center, and Alabang Town Center.



Photography Elisa Aquino

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

Special thanks to Bratpack PH

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