1 Choose a look

2 Makeup is for

3 Which activity do you prefer

4 Choose a movie

5 You’re either a fan or a player of this sport

6 You’ve a girl crush on

7 Choose a tattoo

8 This is how you style your hair

9 I listen to

10 Queerbaiting

Which Lesbian Stereotype Are You?
Angry lesbian

You have a reason to be angry: discrimination at the workplace, men not thinking lesbian relationships are real or that it’s hot, misinformed humans in general. The perpetual state of rage you’re in to defend your sexuality is reasonable to some degree but you can be a little intense or intolerant of others, especially bisexual women.

Not the same as hasbian (has been lesbian or former lesbian). You simply swing both ways and while there’s nothing wrong with that, you’re often misunderstood by the straight and gay communities because of your “indecisiveness.”
Butch a.k.a “chumats”

You are quite the cliche and what straight people imagine all lesbians to look like: short hair, no makeup, tattoos here and there. You’re also into sports (basketball, football?) and prefer to look masculine in your button-downs-and-ripped-jeans combo. But people get you wrong sometimes; you’re not trying to be a man or look like one.
Cultured lesbian

You know your Shakespeare, you listen to Puccini, you’ve seen Rent about a hundred times. You know the classics as well as contemporary arts and culture, and prefer the women you date are quite literate in this department, too.
Lipstick lesbian/femme

You like getting your hair and nails done, going shopping and you likely have a more feminine sense of style. You’re very comfortable with your sexuality, too, and are unafraid to say you’re attracted to other women.
Lesbian for now a.k.a experimental

You don’t necessarily like dating women, but you’ve had a few girl crushes here and there, and are not afraid to act on it. Be careful though, dating women is just as serious as dating men. So if it’s just a phase for you, please be completely honest.
Closet lesbian

You try your best to fit in the norm so you date guys, try to look as feminine as possible and are careful around other gay women. It’s okay, you don’t have to come out and explain to the world you’re gay; you also don’t have to try so hard to hide it. But know that we live in better times and that the world is a little more accepting.

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