How do you get things heated?

Pick a sex position

Your partner asks you to go on top. What do you do?

Which toy would you buy and use?

How would you use the toy?

What would you never allow in the bedroom?

What’s the one thing you always need?

Which of these screenshot gets you going the most?

What’s your take on oral sex?

What does dirty talk do to you?

What’s Your Bedroom Behavior?
You’re a dominant

You like being in control in the bedroom. You aren’t afraid to ask for you want—sometimes you even demand it. Doms are characterized as extroverted and open individuals with high self-esteem and a desire for control. On the other hand, studies also suggest that doms have lower EQs.
You’re a submissive

When it comes to the bedroom, you like taking a backseat and letting your partner take control. However, you are still open to new experiences—as long as you’re led into them. Submissives are characterized by their lack of assertiveness and dislike for conflict. They generally don’t like to draw attention to themselves and tend to be emotionally dependent.
You’re kinky

You definitely have your fetishes (whether people know them or not). You aren’t afraid to try new things sexually, but it might take you time to reveal them to your partner. People that are kinky are characterized by their uniqueness, imagination and experimental nature. They like to swap places with their partner in the bedroom and enjoy imagining different sexual situations.
You’re pretty vanilla

For you, experimentation is not for the bedroom. You like to keep things pretty standard and traditional and need to be talked into trying anything new. Enjoying conventional sex is definitely not a bad thing. People who like and stick with the missionary position tend to like routine and know their roles in and out of the bedroom. Why not mix it up once in a while?
You’re experimental

You like to try new things in the bedroom and are open to pretty much anything that won’t put you in harm’s way. You tend to get bored when things always go the same way, so you do your best to change it up every so often. Those that enjoy a little experimentation in the bedroom tend to be unafraid to try new things outside of the bedroom as well. New experiences get them high on life and having a daily routine usually gets them anxious or uneasy.

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