Pick a jacket.

You’re given a million bucks to shop with. What would you spend it on in the name of fashion?

Pick a pair of shoes you gravitate towards.

You’re told to dress up for a formal event. What do you imagine wearing?

If you could only wear one designer or brand for the rest of your life, it would have to be…

What’s your favorite way to spice up an outfit?

In terms of styling, which of these K-Pop hits was your fave?

Quiz: Which Female K-Pop Idol is Your Style Soulmate?
Jennie of BLACKPINK!

Jennie is every bit a scene-stealer. Often dressed in Chanel (she is one of the fashion house’s muses, after all), it seems this gal can pull off any look without fail. Whether it’s a little black dress and a pair of statement earrings or a boxy tweed blazer and a pair of jeans, there’s no doubt that Jennie will do the fit justice.

Despite being thin and modelesque, Sunmi has never feared reaching for the most oversized outerwear to wear over an outfit. She has fun with sartorial proportions, and chances are, you do too! Quite the experimentalist, Sunmi easily goes from prim and polished in a printed Fendi dress one day, to biker-chic and badass in a large leather jacket the next. She’s also known to collect a variety of unique shoes––often the perfect finishing touch to her outfits.

Even in the sartorial sense, Hyuna has never been one to shy away from attention. There’s always a wild card to her outfits: when she’s in a casual sweater, she pairs it with the tiniest shorts. She pairs simple tank tops with pink cargo pants. She wears fur and leather like they were destined to be worn in tandem. Congratulations, you’ve got one of the most fearless, coolest senses of style! Now, go flaunt it.
Naeun of APink!

With the ability to look her best with a pair of blue jeans and sunglasses used as a headband, APink’s Naeun has a wonderfully classic sense of style. Often topping her looks off with a sleek sneaker or a designer handbag to match, your style soulmate shows us that trendy isn’t always the right approach to fashion. Sometimes, a neutral palette and flattering silhouettes are all you really need.
Amber of f(x)!

Athleisure isn’t a trend for f(x)’s Amber. It’s a lifestyle. Known for being the standout tomboyish member of her group since they first came on the K-Pop scene, it’s clear that Amber has her go-to style staples: a pair of baggy jeans, a sports jacket or tee, and a cap. Simple, easy, maybe even a little androgynous, you and Amber possess that same kind of devil-may-care cool.

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