Which Spongebob meme feels the most like you?

When you wake up in the morning, you feel…

How often do you have time for family, friends or yourself?

When you think of the obligations you need to fulfill––whether personal or professional––how do you feel?

Describe your energy level on average.

Would you say your thoughts are more positive or negative?

If you were given the chance to drop everything tomorrow––your work, your social circles, your current city––and start completely fresh, would you?

Which color best represents your mood right now?

Quiz: Could You Be Suffering From Burnout?
Sounds like you're in the clear.

Congratulations: it sounds like there's no cause for alarm here. You seem to have that proverbial work-life balance down pat, splitting yourself nicely between work and play. Chances are you're pretty satisfied with where you're at right now, and hey, achieving that is a feat in itself. This doesn't mean that you've got a free pass to go haywire with the workload, though. Burnout can get to the best of us, so make sure to keep that harmony in check.
Sounds like you're well on your way.

You aren't quite burned out just yet, but it sounds like you could be on an express ride with exactly that as your destination. Chances are you're constantly exposed to high-stress environments and well, that's bound to rub off on you no matter how resilient you might be. Remember to take breaks, grant yourself a day off when the opportunity presents itself. And if it doesn't, take a leave for an afternoon. Everyone needs a little time to recalibrate.
Sounds like you're all burned out.

It's time to take a step back. By the looks of it, this is more than just stress. Whether it's constant exhaustion, a lack of spirit, a lingering sense of dread or all those things, your answers point in one direction: you're already in the thick of burnout. If you needed a push to focus on you, let this be it. Consider changing up your habits, or perhaps distancing yourself from primary stressors. Burnout doesn't sink its teeth overnight and it's going to take more than just a few attempts to undo it, but one way to kickstart your efforts by taking it easy. Baby steps!

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