Which of these songs is your favorite 2019 track so far?

Which of the following is the most important when it comes to music?

Describe your current playlist or music library in a word.

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Which genre do you find yourself listening to most often?

We're going on a road trip and the aux cord is yours for the taking. Which song do you play first?

If you could get just one musician to make a soundtrack for your life, it would have to be...

Quiz: Which Local Artist Should You Listen To Next?
Have you heard of BRWN?

While hitting the sweet spot between Stevie Wonder influences, disco and R&B might sound like a challenge, BRWN has somehow mastered the equation. While they've only formally been on the scene since 2018, this 4-piece band has already set themselves apart with a clear-cut sound that will make you want to break into a groovy little shimmy. If you're looking to expand your playlist, give BRWN's singles a shot!
Give Nathan & Mercury a go!

The very definition of "start 'em young," the boys of Nathan and Mercury were in the thick of their college lives when they came together for what was supposed to be a one-time gig. As life would have it, the 4-piece jived together so well that they eventually became a legitimate unit, stealing hearts and hitting hard with their multi-genre sound and lyrics that hit close to home. If you have a soft spot for funky rhythm, catchy tracks and perhaps even a side order of heartbreak, a visit to the band's Spotify or one of their gigs is in order.
Take it from us, you'll love Niki Colet's discography.

If the feeling of a slow summer day or a heart-to-heart sessions with friends before bed could be condensed into a single sound, they'd probably sound like Niki Colet's voice. Warm and deep and comforting, Niki sings stories to life, making for easy listening and mellow feelings. Listen to her latest release on Spotify!
Sounds like you're a potential AHJU$$I fan.

The work of AHJU$$I, who dubs himself Buwabuwan Collective's "aegyo trap child" is exactly what you expect when you hear those words. Taking girl group bops and adding his own distinct flavor, AHJU$$I's mixes are an easy way in for the K-fan looking for an entry to locally made music. His work is bleeds creativity and eccentricity, and hey, isn't that a big part of why fans love K-Pop? Check AHJU$$I out on Soundcloud!
Give Any Name's Okay a listen!

If it's promising up-and-comers you're looking for, Any Name's Okay might very well be the missing addition to your current playlist. Made up of five bright young things, the band has a distinctly quirky sound that is both refreshing and nostalgic (who knew you could be both those things at once?). While they took the upbeat track with their first two singles, their most recent release, Orasan, shook things up with a one-two punch of hefty emotion and haunting vocals. Check them out on Spotify!

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