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What Would You Do on the Night of The Purge?
Hide ‘til it’s all over
You value your safety, and there’s no shame in that. Keeping you and your family away from harm is your top priority, and with now-criminals roaming the street? Your best bet is staying home and triple-locking those doors.
Mess with the government
Anything is legal, except maybe killing a politician (although even that law was lifted in one of The Purge films). So what’s an intellectual to do? Screw the system and pull off the good old hack and embezzle, of course! After all, the government can’t possibly be using all that money for good, right?
Serve justice, no matter the means
Everyone becomes their worst selves on the night of The Purge, and that riles you up like crazy. You crave justice and are determined to make it prevail. On purging night, you’d be caught fighting for whatever you think is right: whether it means safeguarding your community or eradicating those out for needless bloodshed.
Leave the country before the shitstorm starts
What’s that, Purge season is approaching? Gotta go, bye!
Commit all the petty crimes you’ve always been too scared to
You’ve always been a little curious but have always feared the worst consequences, so the night of The Purge gives you a chance to do all the little bad things that you’ve thought of doing: whether it’s shoplifting from a convenience store or downloading Jay-Z’s entire discography off the internet.
Provide shelter to others
You’re caring by nature, and it pains you to see the city turn itself inside out whenever The Purge comes around. You, o kind soul, are the ray of sunshine during a stormy day, the one who helps others when you could be committing crime for your own personal gain.

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