Your friends describe you as:

What’s your non-alcoholic beverage of choice?

How adventurous do you consider yourself to be?

You’re out to dinner. Pick a main course.

Now, pick a dessert.

Uh-oh, beer isn’t on the alcohol menu. What do you order instead?

Complete the sentence: An ice-cold bottle of beer goes best with…

What Type of Beer Are You?
Pale Ale

When it comes to drinking, you don’t always live by “go hard or go home,” which makes you a great drinking buddy. If anything, you’re more the “here for a long time and a good time” type. You're sociable and can get along with different types of people, an asset your friends say is admirable about you.
Wheat Beer

You have a taste for the finer things in life, but you’re happy just the same with living with the essentials. In fact, you sometimes prefer it that way. You’re mysterious and prefer not to reveal too much to people you’ve only just met, but you definitely have some exciting anecdotes at the ready. Your finesse is one other thing that keeps people interested, too.

While it isn’t your intention to call attention to yourself, you do possess a certain aura, an energy about you. When you walk into a room, people take notice. Beyond first impressions, it’s not out of the ordinary for people find you charismatic, warm and somewhat enigmatic. You’re strong-willed and you have a lot of personality.

You are the epitome of mellow and laidback (why complicate the uncomplicated?) Still, you’re a pretty complex character yourself. Like lagers that come in different forms, there’s more to you than meets the eye. You’re easygoing now, but it’s taken quite the storied process of self-mastery—and loosening up—to get here.

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