1. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

2. Pick a hobby

3. Your friend is feeling a little down. How do you comfort them?

4. What does an ideal day look like to you?

5. What frustrates you?

6. Describe your style aesthetic

7. What is your ideal job?

8. What would your friends say is your best quality?

9. What would your friends say is your not-best quality?

10. Pick a quote

In Honor Of Chinese New Year, Take This Quiz: Which Famous Pig Are You?
You got Gunter from Sing!

Gunter is a bubbly and passionate performer from one of our favorite feel-good films, Sing! He’s a little on the heavy side (and people make fun of him for it), but he doesn’t let this stop him from his pursuing his dreams in life. He knows how to be compassionate and how to support those that are around him. These things said, he is a little airheaded sometimes. Keep spreading the joy to those around you and never lose sight of your end goal.
You got Rosita from Sing!

Rosita is our favorite diva/mom from Sing! She’s a very responsible and reliable pig, ready to put her duties and family’s needs at the forefront of her day-to-day life. But while she put her musical dreams on hold, she never let them go and when the chance came to pursue the, she went head on and did everything she could to make her dreams a reality. Don’t forget that you need time for yourself too—and it’s never too late to learn this!
You got Pumbaa from The Lion King!

Here’s a pig (because the warthog belongs to the pig family!) that needs no introduction. The right hand of Timon, Pumbaa puts his friends first and is literally ready to put his life on the line for them. He accepts life as it comes and does the best that he can with whatever hand is given to him. Well-mannered and a yet little stinky (so we’ve heard), you definitely want him on your team. Never lose that come-what-may attitude, but never get complacent!
You got Peppa Pig from… Peppa Pig!

If she doesn’t ring a bell, it’s because Peppa Pig is from a little kids’ show (and you probably have no children in your vicinity). Peppa is loud and energetic and always ready to play a game. She has her moments of bossiness, bratty-ness and honest-almost-to-a-fault situations, although she does always take the lessons that life has to hand her. There’s no harm in treating life like a fun journey, but just keep an eye out for your natural competitiveness!
You got Miss Piggy from The Muppet Show!

Probably the most iconic pig on this list is Miss Piggy, the epitome of diva—and rightfully so. She has, after all, crossed endless boundaries and her relationship with one Kermit the Frog made headlines. Not to mention having struggled in her childhood. For now and forever, she refuses to accept anything less than ideal. She is her own person and anyone be damned if they don’t understand this. It’s great that you know, accept and love yourself for who you are, just make sure it isn’t some front—and you aren’t hurting anyone else in your process of self-love. Leave the karate chops to the real Miss Piggy.

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