You finally get an afternoon off. What do you decide to do for some solo time?

You’re with your friends but there isn’t really much activity happening. Which corner of the room do you head to?

Would you consider yourself a serious person?

You’re taking a barkada photo. What’s your go-to pose?

If you had to define your role in the group, which would it be most like?

If your friends were to describe your role, what would they say?

What was your best subject in school?

What are people’s first impression of you usually like?

What do people get wrong about you?

React to the haters!

Which IV of Spades Member Is Your Soulmate?
You’re meant for Badjao de Castro

Can you follow the beat? You must be able to; you’re most like Badjao de Castro! You like your place, which isn’t too front-and-center to get you feeling uncomfortable. That said, however, you’re definitely not the kind to shy away from a conversation that you know you can give output to. In fact, you have some pretty great stuff to say and you’re able to voice out your opinion without sounding so preachy. Your friends, maybe unlike those that don’t know you yet, look to you for advice. It isn’t necessarily an age thing; it’s more like you’re able to put yourself into their position and give them a fresh perspective.
You’re meant for Blaster Silonga

Do you have the voice? Your soulmate, Blaster Silonga, definitely does. Carefree and sometimes unwitting, you’re either the youngest in your group of friends or you’re often mistaken as the youngest. You know how to have fun and you don’t mind inviting everyone else for the ride. You wear a lot of hats—music picker, look decider, food determinator—and you wear each one with grace and deliver on all fronts.
You’re meant for Zild Benitez

We’ll take you front and center, you Zild Benitez-like human. Much like Zild, you’re quirky—which some people might find odd but is actually one of the most endearing things about you. There’s a certain level of charm that you evoke with every movement and every statement you make. And if people listened enough, they’d realize you actually know what you’re talking about. That said, you’re still a generally humble person and while you appreciate the compliments that come your way, you don’t like to dwell on them.

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