1. What’s your favorite move during foreplay?

2. What’s a big turn on for you?

3. Consequently, describe someone you wouldn’t want to bed

4. Where or when are you most comfortable?

5. What deepness of penetration and complexity of position do you prefer?

6. What’s a little extra thing that you enjoy during intercourse?

7. Other than the genitals, where would you like your bodies touching?

8. Choose an adventurous place to have sex

Quiz: Which Sex Position Is Best For You?

You like action—and you like it to be fair. You hate it when one party does more than other; you give as much as you’re given. This face-to-face sex position means the man is sitting on a surface with his legs outstretched, slightly apart and bent at the knees. The woman, on the other hand, sits facing her partner with her legs over his hips and also bent at the knee. This position allows stimulation of the woman’s clitoris and the man’s p-spot, providing a medium amount of penetration and a lot of activity.

The spiderman is arguably one of the most tempting sex positions there currently are—and it certainly helps that is isn’t all that complicated to pull off. The woman generally lies on her side, with one of her arms supporting her head and the other helping the bodies balance. The bottom leg is just straight out while the other is supported on the man’s shoulders as he stands between his partner’s legs. It might sound a little messy, but the enormous upside is that the spiderman generally allows easy access to the individuals’ genitals for extra work and stimulation.

You like sensual sex, the kind that is gentle and passionate—so it might be odd that they call this sex position, which is perfect for you, “Thirst.” In this position, both parties lay on their sides with the legs between each other’s. This allows either individual to caress the face, the lips, the butt, neck and bottom even while intercourse is actually in play. The penetration isn’t the deepest here, but that isn’t really what you’re looking for, anyway.

You like things simple but effective, with a little room to show off either your strength or your flexibility. The Taurus requires that a man stand straight while the woman stands in front of him and bends her body down so that only her rear touches his reins. The man holds the woman by the waist and thrust his hips towards her.

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