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Quiz: Which Workout Should You Commit To This Year?
Elev8 Lagree!

Quick but oh-so-effective, the Lagree fitness program is a perfect match for people who want to make the most of their 45-minute workout. Making use of state-of-the-art M3S Megaformers™, Lagree classes make combine strength training, cardio and core training for a low impact, high intensity burn. Check out the Elev8 Lagree website to discover more about this workout!

Workouts that call for as much core stability as pole dancing are far and few. It relies heavily on ab strength, flexibility and balance. Pole may look graceful and fluid to bystanders, but it’s pretty damn difficult: you’re expected to keep your body off the ground and look gorgeous while doing it. Forget what your mother might think about this exercise—it’s always been much more challenging, sweat-inducing and enjoyable than most people consider it to be anyway. Looking for a starting point? Check out Polecats Manila.
Aerial Yoga

Anti-gravity yoga has been on the scene for quite some time, but it’s setting off blips in our radar again for being K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK’s workout of choice. They’re all lean, toned and have sculpted abs to show for the hard work they clock in at the yoga studio. Whether you’re looking to improve your flexibility and balance, or are in pursuit of a fun addition to your usual workout, this might be your match. Check out Beyond Yoga if you’re looking for a starting point!
Jiu jitsu

For the high-action, close combat-loving type, jiu jitsu might just be the ideal exercise method. With both cardio and strength training folded in the mix, jiu jitsu provides that full-body burn that workout junkies crave for. It sharpens your eye-limb coordination and pretty much doubles as a crash course in Self Defense 101, which is always a plus. Find out more about jiu jitsu on Jiu Jitsu Manila’s website!

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