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Her Economics background is super helpful in her day-to-day life. She likes writing about film, television, hugot stories, drinks and people.

Jameson has been in the Whiskey industry for centuries—it’s easy enough to say they know their stuff. Now it’s your turn to do a little learnin’.

Flatiron 1771 Restaurant and Bar is the New York experience you’ve been craving for—and no, we aren’t just talking the food and drinks

She Talks Asia is back this year and we’re backing up its theme 100 percent. Everyone, let’s get in on We Are Enough

NT Summer Equinox kicks off its second year with an afternoon on nutrition and learning how to love food

Being young is never an excuse. And as artist/illustrator Isabella Canlas proves, it can sometimes be your biggest selling point

Toxic relationships seem to be a dime a dozen—but that doesn’t mean the lessons we learn from them aren’t worthwhile

HIV in the Philippines—let alone worldwide—is on the rise. Fortunately, pre-exposure prophylaxis can reduce the risks by up to 90 percent

Call out culture is not a new concept—but it’s a concept we’ve yet to master

From Columbia Pictures comes Escape Room, a fun game turned into a nightmare—fueled by nothing other than a need to survive

Based on the life of our first president, Miong shows a different side to Emilio Aguinaldo. Are we going to listen?

Holistic wellness and lifestyle coach Nikki Torres is back with NT Summer Equinox Year 2

More than a decade in production, there was much anticipation for Alita: Battle Angel. Now that it’s showing, we’re out

The LEGO Movie 2 is here with its expected charm, wit and intelligence. But where does it fall a little flat?

In a world that knows so much about filters and cancer-causing food, what do you really know about your shit? Your literal shit, that is.

Despite still being on the production line, Mikhail Red’s Dead Kids is already getting hype. But what is it really about?

In celebration of the year of the earth pig, we’re giving you the chance to find out: Which famous pig are you?

Does anyone still remember what life was like before social media? Is anyone capable of living without it now?

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