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Hurry, because these retailers will only be there from September 7 to 9!     #stylefestph, a 3-day celebration of fashion, beauty and commerce, is finally here! A collaboration between Globe Telecom and SAGA Events Inc., stylefestph was envisioned to bring together the worlds

Sun in a bottle for rainy days, Mondays and everything in between     A few months ago, right around June, it seemed anyone and everyone I was interacting with was at a low point. At first I thought it was just my

The model talks fashion, favorites and sharing wardrobe real estate with her sisters     There's a world of difference between Kaila Estrada's bedroom and her walk-in closet. Where her room is vastly spacious even with three beds each taking up a corner,

Let Zalora Philippines’ CEO show you what goes on behind the scenes     We’ve all heard of and shopped from Zalora. Quick and easy, the online retail giant is many a young, fashion-conscious Filipino’s first foray into online shopping. After all, it’s

Spring cleaning marks a grand opportunity to begin again—this time, more intelligently—and this is where decluttering comes in. Figurative baggage will have its day. For now, simplifying your life by getting rid of junk (AKA the physical baggage) is an excellent place

How to get a little green into your home or office

Whoa, adulting. You might think paying your mobile and credit card bills makes you a full-fledged adult, but you’re probably feeling like an infant now that buying your own place is on the horizon. Don’t make uninformed decisions by keeping

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