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A toxic lifestyle peddled as the future-forward road to winning at work

Sometimes “think before you click” is easier said than done, but here’s a reminder to keep at it

In the wake of Facebook’s data breach scandal, a take two on smartphone security is needed now more than ever

Social media is a big part of everyone’s lives, but is your use actually an addiction?

These highly sought-after creatives reveal how they get the most out of their smartphones     Those who dove into digital photography at the height of its revolution prove to be some of the most resourceful today. Moving from print to digital to the

It’s an oldie but a goodie: Kirakira+ has been around for quite some time but has yet to be dethroned as the top shimmer-inducing camera app that lets you get your glow on a la Petra Collins and Pat McGrath.

For those with a rose quartz obsession, here’s how to get the color on your feed

Everyone knows that too much of one thing is a bad thing—and when it comes to technology, nothing can be truer.

This is how to get that grainy, glitchy feel on your photos

It’s hard for most of us to go a day without social media; it’s a like a black hole that none of us can get out of—and this is despite knowing the negative effects it can have on our mental

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