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Wonder Fresh highlights the best new music curated by Wonder that’s good for the soul—because we all need something to raise our spirits

Dedicate a music video to your life before lockdown with the Gimme Love generator     Joji released Gimme Love, a track with an infectious beat and a frenetic two-word hook, in the middle of April—right around the time the initial lockdown was

Alexander 23 gets real about his latest hit IDK You Yet and making music in isolation

Wonder Fresh highlights and curates the best new music for your listening pleasure

How Dedicated Side B marked my christening into the Church of Carly Rae Jepsen

A reason to love Mondays: Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist

Stories and live performances, with a side of Panda Express, please     It’s hard to remember the last time I watched a live broadcast from start to finish, which is pretty surprising considering I’m a K-Pop fan who is constantly bombarded with

NIKI's Switchblade might just be the anthem of bright-eyed bravery we need

Ben&Ben is teaming up for Puhon!, a fundraising show to combat COVID-19

Bookmark this for your next videoke night. Here are your top songs for the ultimate OPM karaoke playlist.

Ready for that Malasimbo magic? Here’s a look at the Malasibo 2020 lineup ahead of the festival

Know how the music industry works while having a good time     Malasimbo is celebrating its 10th year with pretty much the same mission in mind: to support and elevate the Filipino music and arts scene. This year, the festival not only

Here’s a playlist for all of you counting down the days to Wanderland 2020 with us

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