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A bible to guide you through the overwhelming number of upcoming K-Pop shows in Manila

K-Pop idols are challenging gender norms as we know them, but is it enough?

The four musical acts to watch in 2019 are holding a free concert to cap off October

In a society that’s learned to value technology above all else, art has taken a back seat. So do we really have space for music organizations?

Philippine show business has a problem, and it looks a lot like GT’s viral performance

Filipino-made music is alive and well—and a hundred local acts are waiting to be heard at the Pinoy Music Festival 2019

A first look at the launch of Careless Music Manila's fresh new entertainment platform, Island City

Let’s talk day 2 of All Of The Noise 2019  Music festivals have been all the rage recently—from Coachella to Wanderland and the failure that was the Fyre Festival. It’s a good deal for anyone that has an ear out for

Alternatively entitled, Queen 101: A Deep Dive Into All the Things K-Pop Star Chungha is Doing Right

Francesco Pellegrin reinvents music-making with the mundane, the everyday, the ordinary. Who knew fruits and office supplies could be so musical?

The Vowels They Orbit addresses the green-eyed monster we all know too well at the launch of their music video for Selos

We give you a lowdown on what went on at the Fête de la Musique 2019 Acoustic Sessions.

Just the music you'd want to listen to on a quiet night in  The seasons are changing and that should mean more than just a slight wardrobe (and accessories) update. There are cute umbrellas to purchase and protect us from the

On the lookout for a new K-Pop group to stan? Here's one that deserves your attention. Meet NOIR.

We got a first look (and listen) at Labyrinth, an EP by crwn and August Wahh two years in the works.

Orchestra tickets to the Love Again Tour are now up for grabs on our Insta

Last weekend, Matte Guidicelli re-entered the music scene with his own take of Imago’s Sundo

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