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Ready for that Malasimbo magic? Here’s a look at the Malasibo 2020 lineup ahead of the festival

Know how the music industry works while having a good time  Malasimbo is celebrating its 10th year with pretty much the same mission in mind: to support and elevate the Filipino music and arts scene. This year, the festival not only

Here’s a playlist for all of you counting down the days to Wanderland 2020 with us

Being in love is great, but have you ever had a list of heartbreak songs curated for you by some of OPM’s best?

At long last, the roster is complete: say hello to the full Wanderland 2020 lineup

Screening the landscape of music before the streaming giant

It's Taylor Swift's world, and we're just living in it

The Pinoy boy band is going on a free nationwide tour  There are a number of ways to tell if someone––a celebrity or a pop group, for instance––is the real deal. Rising from the ranks and becoming an internet sensation is

The Careless artist signing marks the beginning of a new age for the for artist-by artist music label

Good music, good people at the biggest music festival in the country!  It’s been getting increasingly difficult to find the “right” gift for those we hold near and dear. There are too many choices, they’re easily accessible (thanks to online shopping,

With talks, performances and a day-long music market, All of the Noise 2019 redefined the way we see music festivals

Phum Viphurit talks anything and everything––from favorite shirts to variations of adobo.

For a personalized music experience—for both audio and video—here are a few reasons that make the switch

What do the Wanderbattle 2020 Manila Semi-Finals have in store for us?

A fan talks about the Kanye effect amidst the artist’s recent rants and provocations

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