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Wear the Nike Yoga collection for fitness or for fun, from lunch to lounge to lunge

When I first came across Wonder Bands on Instagram, I was certain I didn’t need them. I’m happy I was proven wrong

A short list of things that might just get you back on the fitness train

One writer tries the famous (or infamous?) Chloe Ting ab workout challenge so you don't have to

Notable body transformations right this way     So you want to be fitter and healthier? Same. It’s good to know that there’s a workout out there designed for women by a woman that shares the get strong, not just slim philosophy. Enter

Comfort, support and more—Nike offers innovative solutions     Every girl needs that piece of apparel that works just as hard as you and I do. One that’s comfortable to wear during workouts or underneath everyday clothes and offers support that doesn’t diminish

Looking to try a new workout in 2020? We give you a starting point.

I took the Pegasus out for a test run and I don’t just mean for running     The men in my family are runners and so by default, the interest for the sport is in my blood. Don’t get me wrong, none

And all the calories I burned just by breathing     My fitness level—depending on what variable we’re measuring, power strength, endurance, etc.—is maybe a little above average. I eat in moderation, exercise when I can and when I can’t, I try to

We all have to start somewhere     Earlier this June, adidas and Parley For The Oceans celebrated their partnership and World Oceans Day by introducing Alphabounce+ Parley, running shoes made from plastic spun into yarn, and through a literal run for the

The second year of NT Summer Equinox finished with a bang as Nikki Torres herself gave the participants a run at NT Sweat

For the fourth week of NT Summer Equinox Year 2, the participants partnered off with adidas Runners Manila!

For NT Summer Equinox Year 2, we got up close and personal with a pound class. Here, its drawbacks and payoffs!

Holistic wellness and lifestyle coach Nikki Torres is back with NT Summer Equinox Year 2

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