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For NT Summer Equinox Year 2, we got up close and personal with a pound class. Here, its drawbacks and payoffs!

Holistic wellness and lifestyle coach Nikki Torres is back with NT Summer Equinox Year 2

Looking to try a new workout in 2019? We give you a starting point.

These boys tell us what their physically-ideal woman is like, what they’d like in a girlfriend and what they’d like in a wife. Turning the tables, what they want to look like and what they think woman want in men.

Former beauty queen Maggie Wilson is still making us green with envy with her always-beach-ready bod. Without a doubt, she’s definitely one of our #BodyGoals and #FitnessGoals

Eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch and a pauper at dinner—that’s what the oldies used to say every time someone wanted to lose a little weight. But does the clock really matter when you’re trying to

Whether it’s strength you’re trying to build, or if it’s flexibility, endurance or muscle—the yoga mat can be your best friend. You just need to find the perfect style of yoga.

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