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Would you brave the streets or triple-lock your doors?  It’s taken us five years and four movies to make it to the beginning. Aptly released on the 4th of July, The First Purge, the most recent addition to the dystopian-horror franchise

Appropriation versus appreciation versus ignorance  “Cultural appropriation,” buzzwords frequently used by the self-satisfied watchdogs of the internet, hasn’t stopped stirring the pot since the dawn of the Woke™ generation. But has confronting these offenders actually improved the dialogue on the subject?The

Once upon a time, we were children with childish innocence. But then we opened up the television and there were hunks and muses everywhere—and we were never the same.

We know art is art because our textbooks, columnists or society bigshots tell us so. But who is to define what art is anyway?

Here’s what you missed  It’s that time of the year again: Go Skateboarding Day supported by Vans is happening June 23, 2018 at the Metrotent Convention Center, Pasig. Though the global event is celebrated every 21st of June (it being the

In polite society, cigarette breaks are never without this  When an addictive substance is made obtainable legally and easily, the result is one widespread and widely accepted bad habit. It’s cigarette smoking: one habit shared by some 15.9 million Filipinos (nearly

Reliable skate shops in the city are far and few, but these boutiques have got you covered

More often than not, we wear clothes from Japan, eat food from Europe and watch movies from the United States.

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl smash gender norms to smithereens in the long-awaited sequel

C’mon guys, it’s 2018. Everybody communicates in memes and references.

Happy Pride! Here are photos of LGBT couples from yore that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside

The National Museum of Natural History recently opened and it’s getting a lot of hype. But are we ready for something of its caliber? And perhaps more importantly: Is it worth the visit?

The comic book scene has a long and tried history that millions of people have followed around the world. And with a little bit of Pinoy fairy dust, there’s an entirely new realm of magic, history and culture to be

A fan talks about the Kanye effect amidst the artist’s recent rants and provocations

Not only is Lav Diaz’s Ang Panahon Ng Halimaw 4-hours long, but it’s an uncomfortable ride all throughout—and every Filipino needs to strap in for the ride.

It seems today the MO is to stay woke or stay quiet—never a third option