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From the looks of it, we’ll be bathing in more feelings once the record drops

Mark your calendars because for TV and film, 2021 is a gift that keeps on giving.

With what Netflix has told us so far, we’ve got a lot more questions running through our heads.

We're highlighting Asian writers ahead 

If some of us have resigned that we’ll be lonely a little while longer because of what’s happening, there are others that seized the day

If you’re planning to fall down the rabbit hole of all things Korean—music, variety shows and dramas—the upcoming long weekend is the best opportunity to do so

With the upwards trend of women supporting women in music, we have our fingers crossed with these dream collabs

Is this series worth worth watching? You can bet on it.

In case you were looking for your next favorite track, we hunted down famous TikTok songs

At one point or another, we all wanted to be part of these badass girl gangs     I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s found solace in fictional girl gangs. Not necessarily those up-to-no-good hooligans but badass, crime-fighting and fun-filled groups

Odd Creatures Our Cue shows us the truths, triumphs and struggles of music-making in the new normal

Update your rock and indie playlists with tunes from these all-girl bands     All-girl bands have always been around making waves and raging against the patriarchy. As early as the 70s, The Runaways took over the airwaves. Even Bikini Kill ushered a

Was it really better than the 2017 version? The short answer: Yes!     Spoilers ahead in this Zack Snyder's Justice League review; consider yourself warned.      I closed the work day on March 18 with an active target on my mind: The Snyder cut

Whether or not the police would call it as such, citizens say that it is what it is: a hate crime

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