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A rumination on call outs, cancel culture and the fine line between ego and accountability

#IAmSOGIE encompasses us all. This isn’t about getting more or less, it’s about being fair.

What does it mean to dress up like a man anyway?  Of the digital covers Wonder has had, three were headlined by men—Unique Salonga for April, Jason Dhakal for July and IV of Spades for August. The men we’ve featured and

For a highly competitive culture obsessed with early success

Since when did the idea of body confidence become so toxic?

When the pressure to be relevant rears its ugly head: in the form of hijacking a good cause

As much as I love being part of the millennial generation, I also have some serious beef with us

“Skincare first, makeup second” reverberated in the very core of my being until these same products which gave me an uplifted sense of self-confidence became a source of shame.

And why you’re doing yourself a favor by limiting the use of pegs in your creative process

In a world of #MeToo, we’re also saying #RespetoNaman in the face of gender-based violence

Becoming more politically and socially aware has made me into that angry friend you encounter online. Sorry not sorry.

When some denies or questions the legitimacy of bisexuality, we reach a certain problem called bi-erasure

Everyone splurges differently; some buy designer and some travel. Me? How I treat myself is a little…lonelier.

The ballots are in and my senatorial bets have conceded—but there are a few things that need to be said.

Everyone’s all ready for their summer plans—and here I am, silently shouting that I don't like the beach

Some things are easier said than done: one of them being advocating for body positivity.

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