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Of pace changes and honoring your feelings     Here’s a belated welcome into Cancer season, everyone! We’ve survived the chaos of Gemini season coupled with a long, long Mercury Retrograde. Thankfully the sun has now aligned with the cool, calm and sensitive

Maybe it's societal expectations, maybe I was born with it

We're welcoming the rest of Gemini season with open arms

Practical resources for one not just to survive, but thrive

I watched all the movies, read the books and saw it with my own two eyes: having straight guy friends brought a unique kind of fun to the table.

Rather than replace meals, Trizie's gut-cleansing fiber drinks are formulated to complement a balanced diet.

Your presence taught me that there are certain people who are meant to stay in our lives even with the most unconventional beginnings.

If there’s something worth fighting for, go ahead and charge at it headfirst!

You’d think that the picture perfect celebrity would have it all, right? No struggles, no pains and no battles to fight with their own insecurities.

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