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In a world of #MeToo, we’re also saying #RespetoNaman in the face of gender-based violence

Becoming more politically and socially aware has made me into that angry friend you encounter online. Sorry not sorry.

And all the calories I burned just by breathing     My fitness level—depending on what variable we’re measuring, power strength, endurance, etc.—is maybe a little above average. I eat in moderation, exercise when I can and when I can’t, I try to

We all have to start somewhere     Earlier this June, adidas and Parley For The Oceans celebrated their partnership and World Oceans Day by introducing Alphabounce+ Parley, running shoes made from plastic spun into yarn, and through a literal run for the

When some denies or questions the legitimacy of bisexuality, we reach a certain problem called bi-erasure

Everyone splurges differently; some buy designer and some travel. Me? How I treat myself is a little…lonelier.

The ballots are in and my senatorial bets have conceded—but there are a few things that need to be said.

Dissecting the good, the bad and the ugly postpartum

Everyone’s all ready for their summer plans—and here I am, silently shouting that I don't like the beach

Some things are easier said than done: one of them being advocating for body positivity.

The second year of NT Summer Equinox finished with a bang as Nikki Torres herself gave the participants a run at NT Sweat

Learning how to get a proper tan is equal parts vanity and necessity, a mix of science and trial-and-error

For the fourth week of NT Summer Equinox Year 2, the participants partnered off with adidas Runners Manila!

This year, She Talks Asia takes on a woman’s worth, including how to value yourself, how to balance your life and the importance of mental health

A short list of just some of the women killing it in a man’s world

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