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Because you need to start living your best life     There’s nothing that gives anyone—and we mean anyone—a rush quite like the end and the beginning of the year. The few days after Christmas and just before New Year elicit feelings of

The #NotAllMen argument has been around for years now, but 2018 has been particularly eye-opening. Not all men, you say?

Congratulations to our 2018 Miss Universe, Catriona Gray! But today, we’re exploring the darker side of pageantry too

For almost as long as there have been parent-child relationships, the question has been: Should parents be best friends with their kids?

Filipino men and women sound off on the cosmetic changes they want for themselves and what they think of those who have gone or want to go under the knife in the name of beauty

Healthy ingredients you'll actually want to include in your diet     Whether or not you’ve delved into deep research about health and weight loss, chances are if we asked you to name a superfood, you could do so without any trouble at

November 25 is a day you should know about. It’s the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. But what’s it even for?

Shedding further light on mental health awareness through the eyes of an oft anxiety-ridden writer

Note to self: go on a mental health cleanse, especially when the busiest months of the year kick in

It’s high time we do something about toxic Pinoy culture

Test your knowledge on sexual and reproductive health and find out: how much do you really know about sex?

PUA Academy teaches “men” how to pick up women. Is it followed? Sadly. Is it effective? Who cares. Is it wrong? Definitely.

We talk about something private: your privates. What pubic hair grooming habits do Pinoys practice?

The easy-to-follow everyday symptom-diagnosis-treatment routine for a lighter mental load.

There comes a time when you can’t come to your parents anymore and when they start to need you more than you need them. It’s a scary yet inevitable phase of life that means two things: You’re an adult and

"Everyone knows how to contour, but few know how to take care of their vagina"     DeoDoc founders Hasti and Dr. Hedieh Asadi are not wrong. Think about it, the body’s waste substances are expelled through the vagina, periods come out of

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