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Everyone’s all ready for their summer plans—and here I am, silently shouting that I don't like the beach

Some things are easier said than done: one of them being advocating for body positivity.

The second year of NT Summer Equinox finished with a bang as Nikki Torres herself gave the participants a run at NT Sweat

Learning how to get a proper tan is equal parts vanity and necessity, a mix of science and trial-and-error

For the fourth week of NT Summer Equinox Year 2, the participants partnered off with adidas Runners Manila!

This year, She Talks Asia takes on a woman’s worth, including how to value yourself, how to balance your life and the importance of mental health

A short list of just some of the women killing it in a man’s world

There’s a lot left to be shed on what not to say to someone suffering from depression. It isn’t as easy as ordering someone to be happy.

Sexist and close-minded comments galore, a reminder of why we need feminism more than ever in 2019

For NT Summer Equinox Year 2, we got up close and personal with a pound class. Here, its drawbacks and payoffs!

An honest look at one woman’s apathy towards rape culture

NT Summer Equinox kicks off its second year with an afternoon on nutrition and learning how to love food

On attempts at self-care and the importance of mindfulness.

HIV in the Philippines—let alone worldwide—is on the rise. Fortunately, pre-exposure prophylaxis can reduce the risks by up to 90 percent

High standards, tunnel vision, the list goes on. My friends get real on the reasons why they think I'm still single.

Call out culture is not a new concept—but it’s a concept we’ve yet to master

This Valentine’s Day, we’re showing you a more intimate side to us. Are you ready to read our love letters?

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