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Stuck in a beauty rut? Consider trying out these hair and makeup looks in 2020

Is it time to rethink that beauty routine? Consider swapping out steps for simpler, barely-there skincare

As illustrated by the perpetually well-dressed David Orbeta and Gian Salazar

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A peek into the process of conceptualizing, cutting down and executing Jasmine Curtis-Smith's Wonder cover beauty looks

And just in time for the merry szn  The holidays always bring out the cheer in us—yes, even the coldest of hearts. It prompts us to ease up a bit, smile more and, for some of us, dress on the brighter

Here’s the lowdown on fashion news, the latest releases and whatever else is buzzing in retail this month

Products that deserve a spot on your beauty counter––or under the Christmas tree  Is it just us, or did Christmas come early this year? With all the product launches and beauty brands setting off blips on our radar since the beginning

We test out the Benefit Brow Styler––through the expert lenses of OPPO's new Reno 2 smartphone

I was ready to make my pink-haired dreams a reality with The Color Bar  Like most kids who grew up around animé and K-Pop and in the influential circle of colorful-haired pop stars, I’ve long harbored the dream of crossing

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