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Beauty can be tricky business, which is why most of us have tale of horrifying beauty blunders buried behind us. Here, we unearth those nightmares for a good ol' laugh.

The July 2019 installment of Wonder's Beauty Counter column spotlights skincare and makeup's finest freshly-launched products

Here's how to nail that freckled, coral beauty explosion that Jason Dhakal sported on his Wonder cover

Which website should you go to to get a certain global beauty brand in the Philippines? Behold, a comparative, cross-website guide to answer that question.

We tried out readily available acne patches in the drugstore and found “the one!”

How does the Sunnies Face Airblush hold up against 12 hours of no touch-ups? We put the cream-to-powder blusher to the test

We’re taking you on a tour around the newly opened Innisfree boutique in SM North Edsa featuring the limited edition Eco-Hankie Collection.

What beauty look could possibly be better, bolder and more befitting of Karencitta than black, glossy lips?

We got first dibs on the much-awaited Happy Skin x Disney limited edition 19-piece collection.

New drops and refreshed favorites from beloved brands  It’s that time of the month again and just in case you were looking to update or upgrade your own beauty counter, here’s a list of beauty products and skin potions from tried

Guys, there's no need to be intimidated by skincare. makes the foray into the skincare world easy with basic regimens for different skin types.

Here's how to nail Gabby Padilla's Wonder cover beauty looks––from products to application.

Which ingredients does your hair need, and which should be avoided? The answer lies in a bottle of Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive.

When your face just won't slim down, things are bound to get frustrating. Here, we unpack four methods to help in getting rid of those chubby cheeks.

Can O2 Skin Lab's Korean Facial give this writer the glass skin she's always wanted?

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