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The Benefit Brow Contour Pro promises great brows with four easy steps, efficiently packaged in a neat little product that will throw you back to grade school

checks shower drain, gets shocked     My hair has been cut, styled, colored, treated as far back as my pre-teens. I’ve gone from side-swept bangs to wispy and fringed, full color to (tacky) streaks and highlights, short to really long and 80s

Sun in a bottle for rainy days, Mondays and everything in between     A few months ago, right around June, it seemed anyone and everyone I was interacting with was at a low point. At first I thought it was just my

What a full face of #KathxHappySkin looks like after 12 hours with no touchups

A beauty girl who swears by an eight-step routine takes on a skin care challenge with Althea Korea.

Introducing the miracle that transformed my skin texture, Biologique Recherche's Lotion P50T     I’m a skeptic by nature, so when a beauty product is on the receiving end of high praise and close to no bad reviews, I automatically get a little

Is Sunnies Face Fluffmate worth all this hullabaloo?     The beauty world is lucrative, as proven by cult favorites like Fenty Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty. These brands made millionaires of millionaires and is helping one quickly become the youngest self-made

There’s more to it than just pretty boys and guyliner     Nobody’s ever said that your phone’s wallpaper is the window to your soul, but somebody really ought to put that thought out into the universe. Hear me out: we peer at

On products, process and leaping across the dark-to-blonde spectrum     I first met Andrea Beldua in my first year in publishing. We were seated beside each other and introduced by the writer she attended with, but at that point I already had

The beauty face-off goes IRL     Welcome to the third installment of Style Science: High-End Versus Budget Beauty. If you’re new to the party, let us give you a recap: in a three-part experiment of sorts, the Wonder team dares to debunk

She caps off this anniversary with her very own limited-edition makeup collection     “Cut from a different cloth…and they don’t make that fabric anymore.” No other adage describes the era of the original supermodel quite as perfectly. And it’s unmistakable just looking

Confidence may be key, but what if you can’t get it naturally? It might be time to discuss one of beauty’s most heated debate topics: Whitening.

Beauty insider Mich Sancianco share beauty lessons and secrets we women should know

And what to do when you’ve got this tricky zit-uation on your hands

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