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A short list of products to brighten up the nooks and crannies we all need a little help with

We aren’t exaggerating     Yes, Kelsey Merritt is the first Filipina model to have walked down the Victoria’s Secret runway, but she may very well be the first person to ever pull out a wholeass plant on Vogue’s Beauty Secrets video series,

I was ready to make my pink-haired dreams a reality with The Color Bar     Like most kids who grew up around animé and K-Pop and in the influential circle of colorful-haired pop stars, I’ve long harbored the dream of crossing

All the looks served were made for you and me     TRESemmé is known as the authority on runway standard gorgeous hair and the haircare brand that allows us women to experience professional-approved and salon-quality products at home. So in true TRESemmé

BLK Cosmetics most recent collection throws it back to the 90s and teaches us how to cop some of the most iconic beauty looks of the decade.

Tighter muscles after a single session? It’s possible     There are those who spend gallantly on beauty and then there are those who identify with the… more frugal school of thought. Despite having one or two products I’d make an exception for,

A guide on Dr. Morita’s best-selling sheet masks, which variant to use and when, plus how-to tips from the brand to get the best results

Getting head-to-toe ready for Halloween is never without a well-thought-out makeup look

Who knew everyday ingredients could be whipped into effective skincare products?     For the third installment of our Style Science web series, Wonder swapped in the mass-produced and chemical-ridden cult favorites of skincare for the organic and locally made. Vlogger and host

We take the best-selling Koh Gen Do aqua foundation, herbal mist and relaunched cleansing water for a good ol’ test drive

Beauty has come far since its relatively humble beginnings—but now you don’t need to go distances for the right product. Giltbox offers a personalized approach to beauty without that hassle.

How does all-natural, all-local skincare fare against mass-produced holy grails?

When was the last time you bought underwear?     It took me two years to buy new bras. Lacey, wireless bras that I bought on sale (2 pcs for P500) from H&M. They’re cheap and multi-functional. In fact, they double as

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