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There is a lot of unlearning for us to do—and it begins with understanding the difference between moisture and hydration (and why you need both)

Purito's Centella Green Level Unscented Sun was a cult Korean beauty product—up a dramatic turn a couple of months ago

Gearing up for a holiday (Zoom) celebration? Take some K-pop-inspired beauty tips from Jihyo, Taeyong and Sowon

Looking to get your K-beauty fix? Here’s where to buy Korean beauty products online in the Philippines

A collaboration with globally renowned multimedia artist Steven Harrington 

Forget the salon; get full lashes and professional quality nail art with Luxx Lash's Holiday Beauty Kit

Dramatic makeup picks because why not, tools to undo the damage from all that swiping and swatching, and our top-shelf in personal care     And just like that it’s Christmas! Technically, not yet, but you know what we mean…We’re looking forward to

If Halloween Zoom parties are all we’ve got this year, it means it’s all about the makeup look

Yes, I got on the LED Light Mask train     Who else is feeling exhausted from lockdown? The lack of space, of boundaries, of time (surprisingly) for everything has left me feeling and looking worn out. I don’t know about you, but

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