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Because everyone you and I know covet a lit-from-within glow     Oftentimes at shoots, I hear photographers tell models or cover stars, ‘chin up/ chin down,’ ‘try to catch the light with your face.’ And what difference good or professional lighting makes.

How the makeup looks at the #WonderxMari shoot came about and came together

A first-hand test drive of the best concealers to cover up the dark circles under those eyes

Just because you could, does it mean you should? The answer obviously is no (but out of curiosity, I did it anyway)     Coming across someone’s sheet mask selfie, my mind doesn’t automatically go, “Pah! Wellness lie!” Rather, I think: “I wonder

I didn't wear makeup for a full week, and some things changed in the process.

Wonder talks to Gabbi Garcia's glam team to give you a step-by-step guide to achieving her #WonderxGabbi cover beauty look

Love Beauty and Planet, an international sustainable beauty brand, has finally made its way to Philippine shelves. But are we ready? Do we care?

We break down the most common fragrance jargons to help you find your one true scent

A short list of products to brighten up the nooks and crannies we all need a little help with

We aren’t exaggerating     Yes, Kelsey Merritt is the first Filipina model to have walked down the Victoria’s Secret runway, but she may very well be the first person to ever pull out a wholeass plant on Vogue’s Beauty Secrets video series,

I was ready to make my pink-haired dreams a reality with The Color Bar     Like most kids who grew up around animé and K-Pop and in the influential circle of colorful-haired pop stars, I’ve long harbored the dream of crossing

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