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With what Netflix has told us so far, we’ve got a lot more questions running through our heads.

If you’re planning to fall down the rabbit hole of all things Korean—music, variety shows and dramas—the upcoming long weekend is the best opportunity to do so

Is this series worth worth watching? You can bet on it.

Was it really better than the 2017 version? The short answer: Yes!     Spoilers ahead in this Zack Snyder's Justice League review; consider yourself warned.      I closed the work day on March 18 with an active target on my mind: The Snyder cut

If you’re a newly-christened anime fan or someone who’s recently been reacquainted with the genre, My Hero Academia is the best way deeper down the rabbit hole.

How did Marvel's first salvo after Avengers: Endgame fare?

Raya and The Last Dragon leaves us to wonder, is truly the representation we deserve?

Whether we’re getting distracted by their problems or having our struggles validated by theirs, FRIENDS has kept many of us company for the past decade or two

This show is pouring with Filipino excellence and we can’t wait to see it all over our screens soon!

It's charming, it's promising, but we're looking for a little more from River Where the Moon Rises

If you feel like you’ve watched everything on Netflix, better think again

The documentary series, despite its faults in storytelling, puts forth a chillingly relevant reminder

A preview of what a toxic relationship looks like

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