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No matter how old you are, a good set of coming of age movies will always teach you something new

While still scary AF, the movie franchise somewhat turned Annabelle on its head and we’re not quite sure how to feel about it

A fantastical tribute to a true musical icon for new and hardcore fans alike     Towards the end of Rocketman, Taron Egerton playing larger-than-life rock star Elton John poses a semi-rhetorical question: “Maybe I should’ve tried to be more ordinary.” Although he

JaDine, AlDub, LizQuen…which local love team depicts your relationship IRL?

Whether it's a crossdressing nanny to a Wall Street apprentice, we're rounding up the best dads in movie history.

So Godzilla back and—literally—bigger than ever to battle it out with the rest of the Titans

When you redo a classic, people will have some qualms. With Aladdin, there’s no need for these fears

And with Game Of Thrones S8E6, our watch has officially ended. Are you satisfied?

A Dog’s Journey is the kind of feel-good movie you need to start the weekend on a good note—or pick up the energy in the middle of the work week

In Erik Matti’s Kuwaresma, which stars John Arcilla and Sharon Cuneta, we see what the Filipino horror genre might just shape up to be

After episodes three and four, we have to say that Game Of Thrones S8E5, The Bell, was a turn to the right direction

Pokémon Detective Pikachu was a little strange but incredibly endearing. But is a ticket purchase made solely on nostalgia worth it?

Is it just us or did Game of Thrones S8E4 not deliver? We have some thoughts and are deeply hoping the rest of the final season steeply goes upwards

We have some feelings about Avengers: Endgame. Did it hurt and make you happy the same way it confusingly did us? Then let’s discuss.

It finally happened; we watched Game Of Thrones S8E3. But did it live up to all that hype and expectation? Meh.

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