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The reboot's approach makes all the difference: the critique of generational wealth and influencer culture.

American Horror Stories features 16 standalone episodes centered on horror myths, legends and lore

While Drag Den has no ties with RuPaul’s franchise, we’re still hoping that we’re seeing something equally exciting, glamorous, campy and hilarious.

Call it escapism or the suspension of disbelief. No one needs to be a believer to watch and enjoy these.

But when Trese premiered, these two managed to steal the spotlight from their serious bossing.

For three generations of women, healing is their family business

Move to Heaven argues that not all is lost. That death isn’t the end, but a midpoint.

Filipino dubs might not be for you but they’re very much necessary.

If you aren't yet convinced that Jujutsu Kaisen will be your next shounen favorite, we offer you all the reasons after the cut!

After all, who’d want to miss finally seeing the main cast together again?

This show is pouring with Filipino excellence and we can’t wait to see it all over our screens soon!

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