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The 10 official entries are up ahead     Nothing spells Christmas season in the Philippines much like the annual Metro Manila Film Festival. A holiday tradition among many Filipino families as well as a celebration of local talent and cinema, this year’s

It’s like a Rocky Balboa flick, if like, Rocky played board games     The Queen’s Gambit revolves around Beth Harmon (played by Anya Taylor-Joy), a prodigy orphan who, struggling with an addiction to tranquilizers that started when they were fed to her

UPSTREAM spells endless possibilities for Philippine cinema     Many will agree that watching a movie in a cinema is an experience on its own but, with most cinemas still off-limits, people have to find creative ways to recreate this experience from the

BLACKPINK's journey to success was not all glitter and gloss

Halloween delights and more to satisfy your Spooktober needs

Revisiting the 1995 classic featuring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt

Though it eventually (and ironically) runs short of nightmare fuel

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