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Is it just us or did Game of Thrones S8E4 not deliver? We have some thoughts and are deeply hoping the rest of the final season steeply goes upwards

We have some feelings about Avengers: Endgame. Did it hurt and make you happy the same way it confusingly did us? Then let’s discuss.

It finally happened; we watched Game Of Thrones S8E3. But did it live up to all that hype and expectation? Meh.

#WhateverItTakes, we’re going to keep the memory of the fallen avengers alive. And don’t worry, we’re talking Avengers: Infinity War only

A lot went down at Game Of Thrones S8E2: A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms. Let’s discuss.

It finally happened: Winter has come with Game Of Thrones S8E1. Here, we break down what happened and the #feels that came with it

The remake of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary does well in aspects that might surprise you. For one thing, it’s not as much a thriller as you’d think.

Yes, it will spark joy     DC Films has made a reputation for itself in the realm of superhero movies; theirs is action-packed, serious in theme, gritty and sometimes, very dark (literally and figuratively). Too often, the characters have heart and display

‘Us’ is yet another captivating horror by ‘Get Out’ creator Jordan Peele.

But therein lies a fault: the fearless pilot turns out to be more of an intermediary and less of a heroine in her own story

From Columbia Pictures comes Escape Room, a fun game turned into a nightmare—fueled by nothing other than a need to survive

More than a decade in production, there was much anticipation for Alita: Battle Angel. Now that it’s showing, we’re out

The LEGO Movie 2 is here with its expected charm, wit and intelligence. But where does it fall a little flat?

Despite still being on the production line, Mikhail Red’s Dead Kids is already getting hype. But what is it really about?

Men In Black: International, the first to hero a female lead, is bringing the franchise to the 21st century. Bring it, MIB!

Thanks to the 13th Spring Film Festival, you can watch A Tale Of Three Cities starting January 30, 2019

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