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Indie movies are growing in number by the year, but where do we, as film-watchers, first dip our feet?

Angie Thomas's best seller, The Hate U Give, is being released into a movie later this year. It's a story of loss, racism, growing up we can all release to and should see.

Would you brave the streets or triple-lock your doors?     It’s taken us five years and four movies to make it to the beginning. Aptly released on the 4th of July, The First Purge, the most recent addition to the dystopian-horror franchise

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl smash gender norms to smithereens in the long-awaited sequel

Not only is Lav Diaz’s Ang Panahon Ng Halimaw 4-hours long, but it’s an uncomfortable ride all throughout—and every Filipino needs to strap in for the ride.

Lav Diaz’ four-hour monochrome “rock opera” is set in 1970s Philippines at the height of Martial Law. Debuting in the Berlin International Film Festival earlier this year to generous reviews, the movie is getting a lot of international love. Pero

Anyone that doesn’t like anime just hasn’t seen the right title. The world of Japanese animation is vast and encompasses every genre, uses multiple styles and tells different stories. Think you know anime? Think again.

Talented actors, genius directors, brilliant writers, outstanding producers—we have them all. So why is the quality of Pinoy TV anything but excellent?

Makeover movies that go beyond a skin-deep “before” and “after”

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