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A visual diary of the new 0917 Lifestyle collaboration

Because sharing is caring!     Am I the only one who’s kind of selfish about sharing her fashion wish list? I can’t be. Maybe it’s the none-too-irrational fear that someone else’s decisive finger is going to beat you to the ‘buy’ button

If you’re all for helping the local economy bounce back, here are labels to consider

On buying less but better, buying secondhand, and sometimes, not buying at all

In which “long live the nightgown” becomes the style mantra revived by life in quarantine

We revisit our day on set with Bela Padilla and talk cover shoot style tips and beauty how-tos. In focus this month: the modern woman owning her multiple narratives.

Artwork, Team Manila and more—where are they now?

The lowdown on fashion news, the latest releases and whatever else is buzzing in retail this month

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