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You can shop the collaboration’s most iconic prints in-stores and online starting October 4     A little background for those who might not be familiar with Morris & Co. The quintessentially British interiors brand was founded by William Morris in the 19th

Different occasions call for different sets of footwear. But because men’s shoes can be confusing sometimes, here’s the when-to-wear you need.

For Fall 2018, Coach channeled the bustle of city life and married it with southwestern charm. And with Selena Gomez back for her third campaign with the brand, you know you’re in for some worthwhile pieces.

Finally, fashion, form and function     Like boxes on a checklist to tick as you shop, fashion, form and function were once the big three. They were the known prerequisites of a great, worth-it kind of buy. Then came another “F” word,

Revisit the collections that won us over during stylefestph's Designer Mentorship Program     The first of its kind, stylefestph symbolized a new beginning for fashion industry, for the seasoned designers who introduced their new ready-to-wear collections and most especially for aspiring young

Life is a beautiful sport indeed       Male or female, athlete or non-athlete, you know Lacoste. In fact, you probably speak it, too. You either own a Lacoste shirt and wear it with the collar popped (or once did) or sport one

“One is never overdressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.”

Ugly Pretty Looks: the best of the “worst” Fall/Winter 2018 trends

It goes with pretty much everything in our closets     In fashion, certain terms get thrown around without much regard. We hear phrases like “cult favorite” and “reinvented” so often that we can’t help but question if they really hold any ground

Everybody seems to be doing their own thing     I joined the fashion industry at a time when it was reserved for a select few, when hardly any bloggers sat front row, when international collections were still limited to S/S and F/W,

Local-to-global movers and shakers on fashion's here and now     The second day of styletalks proved to be just as exciting as the first. In case you missed it, the roster of speakers was a line-up of industry experts and professionals who

See the winning collections of 0917's emerging designers     After a 4-month long mentorship program in design, production, branding and curation, the winning collections for the 0917 and Zalora Emerging Designers were finally revealed. Dino Bancoro, G Gambaloza and Nicolo Perez all

Here's what you missed at stylefestph's first ever styletalks     A few years back, fashion and technology would quickly be written off as completely different industries, perhaps even opposites. One is focused on aesthetics––colors and textures and how one piece could be

Filipino talent takes center stage      Hail, hail! Another season of fresh-off-the-ramp fashion is upon us. Just last weekend, Bench Fashion Week introduced us to new collections from some of the country’s most widely shopped retail brands and lauded designers, before ultimately

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