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The Grand Hyatt BGC will once again open its doors for StyleFestPH year 2, an immersive three-day expo

Which models will fly to Seoul and represent the Philippines in the Asia New Star Model Contest?

Head's up: it's high time to give your most hated fashion items a second chance

The lowdown on fashion news, the latest releases and what’s buzzing in retail this month

Staying true to the artist’s brand of cool, understated edge and the-90s-meet-2019

Fresh perspectives are always welcome and quite frankly, necessary  If New York Fashion Week Spring 2020 was about diversity and inclusivity, and strong political statements, London Fashion Week is and will always be about new and emerging talent. That’s precisely what

The conversations continue to go beyond fashion and more towards actual change  A few months ago, we wrote about advocating for social justice, and how it’s become cool to care and cool to be aware. But social justice in fashion? It

We asked. You gave us your answers. Here are the style icons of today, what they symbolize and why people look up to them  style /stīl/noun. a manner of doing something; a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to

The independent label by Willar Mateo, seven years in, is still perfect parts kitsch, camp and shamelessly expressive

The lowdown on fashion news, the latest releases and whatever else is buzzing in retail this month

Zild, Badjao and Blaster’s go-to stylist talks about the #WonderxIVofSpades cover shoot

Angela peels back her layers and lets us in on what goes on behind the ‘gram  Wonder Plays Dress Up explores diversity in beauty while trying on the skirt-over-pants look for the chilly new season. But as our chosen subject

A peek into the future of Philippine fashion  “Talent is nice but not necessary,” once wrote Vogue contributing editor Molly Guy. True, because without humility and hard work, you will never be able to realize your true potential. But also

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