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Wonder explores the art of Japanese rope bondage through the eyes of a Manila-based rope artist

Genitals isn’t the only factor that defines a person’s sexuality

This is the kind of girl talk we need     Let’s talk about sex––and not just the penetrative kind that most men believe to be sexy and amazing and powerful enough to cure cancer. I mean the kind that feels good to

Anyone up for one-minute teleseryes?     Sometimes when you’re walking around the mall, you can’t help but notice a couple fighting in the corner. Other times, you’re just sitting in a restaurant and you overhear the table next to you telling stories

😮🍆   There are a lot of ways to call the deed of a woman or man getting up close and personal with a guy’s privates: going down, fellating someone, giving a blowjob, going downtown—the list goes on and on. But just

Relationship deal breakers: Real or imagined?     You know how when you’re a kid watching some romantic comedy you think you understand, and you look at the protagonist and think you want his/her characteristics in your own partner one day? Or maybe

Do you remember your first kiss? Your best? And—eww—your worst? Well, these people give us the dirty, the cheesy and everything in between.

We all have our addictions—cigarettes, coffee, drugs—but for the people that we date, the story may be different.

More than blood, allies     When Wonder sat down with trans woman Janlee Dunca last month, she said something utterly refreshing about her transformation journey: “Every day is a transition.”   “Whenever I meet someone new, I transition to that person,” she said, pertaining

Dating isn’t for everybody, and that’s okay. Here’s to being your own best companion, ladies and gents.

The modern world of dating can be a confusing place—not to mention an annoying one. Here, we discuss what some call the new ghosting: Orbiting.

We’re all different people in the bedroom. Sometimes our bed behavior is the complete contrast of our day-selves, sometimes it’s the exact same thing. Sometimes it surprises people and sometimes it surprises ourselves. So, where do you fall? Dom/Sub? Top/Under?

Because the average Filipino male is 4.3 inches     Put a Filipino anywhere in the East and he will stick out like a sore thumb. His skin color, his eyes and his height will give it all away. Among the Caucasians of

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