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We asked as many couples we can; six pairs sound in  Love is love, indeed. Here, LGBTQIA+ couples share how they found love and kept it, their ideal world, and the struggles in and outside of a queer relationship.  “She’s started looking

Romance is a tricky thing and is even more so when you have to choose between reaching vs. settling.

On straight or LGBTQIA couples and human beings in general  The time I “formally” came out to family was pretty straightforward as it could get. I invited them out for dinner so I could tell them the truth that the woman

Why the act itself is not wrong and how motivations behind it can affect your mental health

When a routine is fallen into, we seek for what love means for couples now. Does love transform?

It’s said often enough that no one is perfect and that no relationship is perfect, so let’s not beat around the bush. We asked what partners what to change about each other

A crash course in female contraceptives 101, because the condom isn't your only option.

Gender splits us in more ways than one. This time, we’re asking how virginity is seen through the eyes of boys and girls

Everything’s a little funnier in hindsight. Here, real people share their bad date stories

Toxic relationships seem to be a dime a dozen—but that doesn’t mean the lessons we learn from them aren’t worthwhile

High standards, tunnel vision, the list goes on. My friends get real on the reasons why they think I'm still single.

It’s the most basic question you should be asking yourself

Comedian Daniel Sloss gives us a wake-up call: we've romanticized love for far too long.

This is how we met, this is how we fell in love. Real people share their real life love stories.

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