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Because you don’t need to leave the house for a premium, café-style coffee experience

I tried to live life without plastic for three days. Here’s how it went.

DIY lunch and snack recipes perfect for bring-your-own-baon days

Vacation disasters are sometimes unavoidable. But that doesn't mean there's no way to miminize their risks.

Heineken gives us a crash course on draft     There are some things in life we just accept without second thought, often falling into an unspoken understanding that it’s just the way things are. The sky is blue, the grass is green

As told by the self-made and cash-savvy     Before my sister moved to the other side of the globe, there were days when she would drive me halfway to work. As we crossed the 200-peso border from province to city every morning,

Less errands, more quality time     It took maybe three or more people from my inner circle to convince me to try honestbee, an online grocery and food delivery service. There were sparse testimonials here and there from others, but a skeptic

Whiskey’s one of those alcohols that you acquire a taste for as you get older. Now's about time you learn how a whiskey cocktail recipe or two

Three stories on finding a home away from home

Alternatively titled, Girl Finds Wisdom Through Clothes Rack     In retrospect, the window between January to June was a strange one. For me, at least.   For the most part, it was tepid. It was neither electric nor dull, neither warm nor cold. A

Filing your own taxes is a necessary evil for freelancers, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Here, we introduce you to the different tax forms you’ll encounter without giving you a headache.

Commuting can be really difficult, especially if you work or live within Metro Manila. Here, we break down everything you need in a short and sweet guide to commuting.

Getting anything done in a government office can be a pain in the neck—if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are the steps to follow and a few tips and tricks to make getting your NBI Clearance that much

Talking two ends of the spectrum with so much to discuss in between

When we were born, we depended on our parents for everything. When we were babies, we couldn’t hold our heads up. When we were children, we needed help with homework. As teenagers, our parents picked us up from parties. It

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