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Guys, the average Filipino is 4.3 inches  Hello, you better not be a young ’un. If you’re under 18, how about taking a fun quiz instead?  I heard a story before, about how foreign women used to prefer Filipino lovers—a concept that

A crash course in female contraceptives (because the condom isn't your only option)

So, you've only got a few days in Singapore?

Because organizing is still best with ol' school paper 

Introducing: digital minimalism and the 30-day "digital declutter"

Ideas—some tried and tested, some novel and new—on how you can enjoy your own company on Christmas

Now that it’s crunch time, we’ve listed foolproof gift options you can get in one place: Bratpack

The solitary exercise of moving on can sometimes feel like a competition. But in this race where society dictates a 3-month rule waiting time, who wins?

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