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Over the years, BGC has become the go-to for hotspots around the Metro. Whether you’re up for a chill night or one of dancing, the answer has always been Fort. One of its latest additions? The Coconut Club—and people cannot

Commuting can be really difficult, especially if you work or live within Metro Manila. Here, we break down everything you need in a short and sweet guide to commuting.

In the wake of Facebook’s data breach scandal, a take two on smartphone security is needed now more than ever

How and why I cheated on every relationship I had

Now that we’re all wonderfully woke, let’s get to work (and being on vacation is no excuse)

Over the years, more and more Filipinos have been spending excess hours at work—to finish deliverables, to front load, to prepare for a presentation. And for some reason, these employees are lauded by employers and co-workers. But is OT actually

Getting anything done in a government office can be a pain in the neck—if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are the steps to follow and a few tips and tricks to make getting your NBI Clearance that much

It’s the shameless prostitution of paradise (but wait, what about my summer Instagram feed?)

The dating apps that the digital world has to offer are great for some people—though it depends on what they’re looking for. I took to Tinder and this is my tale. This is me in an attempt at finding love,

Seeing a woman alone at a bar shouldn’t trigger thoughts of pity, judgement and horror. Seeing them drink whiskey and scotch shouldn’t elicit surprise, awe and questions. Get over it.

FYI, sex toys weren’t made exclusively for the LGBTQ+

If you like one thing, you’re probably going to like something that’s similar to or reminds you of it—it’s the property of symmetry.

Talking two ends of the spectrum with so much to discuss in between

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