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😮🍆   There are a lot of ways to call the deed of a woman or man getting up close and personal with a guy’s privates: going down, fellating someone, giving a blowjob, going downtown—the list goes on and on. But just

Hurry, because these retailers will only be there from September 7 to 9!     #stylefestph, a 3-day celebration of fashion, beauty and commerce, is finally here! A collaboration between Globe Telecom and SAGA Events Inc., stylefestph was envisioned to bring together the worlds

Sun in a bottle for rainy days, Mondays and everything in between     A few months ago, right around June, it seemed anyone and everyone I was interacting with was at a low point. At first I thought it was just my

Relationship deal breakers: Real or imagined?     You know how when you’re a kid watching some romantic comedy you think you understand, and you look at the protagonist and think you want his/her characteristics in your own partner one day? Or maybe

The model talks fashion, favorites and sharing wardrobe real estate with her sisters     There's a world of difference between Kaila Estrada's bedroom and her walk-in closet. Where her room is vastly spacious even with three beds each taking up a corner,

Let Zalora Philippines’ CEO show you what goes on behind the scenes     We’ve all heard of and shopped from Zalora. Quick and easy, the online retail giant is many a young, fashion-conscious Filipino’s first foray into online shopping. After all, it’s

Looking for new restaurants to try?     New restaurants pop in and out of Metro Manila so quickly that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of what’s still open, what just opened and which among our favorites have regretfully closed shop. But

Heineken gives us a crash course on draft     There are some things in life we just accept without second thought, often falling into an unspoken understanding that it’s just the way things are. The sky is blue, the grass is green

As told by the self-made and cash-savvy     Before my sister moved to the other side of the globe, there were days when she would drive me halfway to work. As we crossed the 200-peso border from province to city every morning,

Goto Monster is the talk of the town, but is their take on the classic Pinoy favorite worth all the hype or does this story have a bland ending?

Less errands, more quality time     It took maybe three or more people from my inner circle to convince me to try honestbee, an online grocery and food delivery service. There were sparse testimonials here and there from others, but a skeptic

Warning: serious food porn ahead     There’s this scene that comes to mind whenever I dip my chopsticks into a bowl of piping hot ramen. It’s from a 1985 Japanese film called Tampopo, where an elderly ramen master teaches his protégé how

Quirky mementos, a minimalist way of living, a creative’s dream apartment

Whiskey’s one of those alcohols that you acquire a taste for as you get older. Now's about time you learn how a whiskey cocktail recipe or two

Three stories on finding a home away from home

Do you remember your first kiss? Your best? And—eww—your worst? Well, these people give us the dirty, the cheesy and everything in between.

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