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TELUS International Philippines’ Pride session zeroes in on what true allyship looks like

These it boys and it girls are not just measured by popularity and numbers but rather, what else they do which sets them apart from their peers.

Maybe not entirely new, but unique nonetheless     If there are those who turned to K-pop in quarantine, there’s also a population of people who turned to games and game streaming to cope and sometimes, maybe even to make bank. In 2020,

If some of us have resigned that we’ll be lonely a little while longer because of what’s happening, there are others that seized the day

At one point or another, we all wanted to be part of these badass girl gangs     I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s found solace in fictional girl gangs. Not necessarily those up-to-no-good hooligans but badass, crime-fighting and fun-filled groups

Whether or not the police would call it as such, citizens say that it is what it is: a hate crime

Now that it’s out, we have some answers—and more questions.

The future is female and she is here. She is strong, with nerves of steel and the perseverance of battalions.

Take a look at which videos made it to this year’s YouTube top trending videos!     The year has been full of highs and lows. Fortunately, YouTube has provided an immense amount of entertainment to give us a break from overwhelming news.

Everything from hilarious childhood faves to hauntingly sexy attires

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