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He may have been bumped to sixth in line, but Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle means some real changes are happening within the royal British family.

Hate on her all you want, but you can’t deny that Kris Jenner is a modern-day Midas  No matter who you talk to, the consensus is the same: The Kardashian-Jenner clan is something else. RELATED: How To Wear Summer Trends Using

The things that women today rally together for are the things Kris Aquino once had to weather alone

The renaissance nasty woman and the only “badgal” I look up to

For someone that runs a social media empire, he sure is private!

There’s more to the mother-of-six than pouty lips and an acting resume to die for

They’re beautiful, they’re rich and they have the social media following to prove it. Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez have stolen the hearts of millions around the country—but should they be our #CoupleGoals?

One day, you’re a teenager in high school. The next, you’re a full-fledged tito

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