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A definitive list of books that shaped the year that was 

In a year where everything is NOT coming up J.K. Rowling, Robert Galbraith can still write one hell of a mystery     The first book of the Cormoran Strike novels enjoyed brief anonymity before the revelation that Robert Galbraith was actually J.K.

It’s time to include some non-fiction in your collection

This one’s for our fellow bookworms     The quarantine, with all its extensions and the surges of cabin fever it brings, is a truly strange time.    Notice how we’ve all picked up new hobbies? Everyone can now bake or cook or concoct their

"Loneliness is difficult to confess; difficult too to categorize"

Analyzing the critically acclaimed 2018 dystopian novel by Ling Ma 

In January 2015, in a frat party at the campus of Stanford University, Chanel Miller was sexually assaulted by Brock Turner.

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