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Martin Bautista gives us a reason to celebrate     It's been said that clothes have the power to affect one's mood. If that rings true, Fashion Exchange International designer Martin Bautista's most recent ready-to-wear collection is what we ought to be reaching for

Maureen Disini delivers tiers, tulle and texture on the stylefestph runway     Maureen Disini has long associated herself with a "less is more" approach to her designs. Just last year, she described her aesthetic as "simple, easy and feminine," three words that,

See and shop the collections of stylefestph's Zalora Emerging Designers     Let's start things off with a story. In April 2018, stylefestph announced a call for designers to create ready-to-wear lines for Zalora Philippines or 0917 lifestyle. Fast forward to September,

Here's what you missed at stylefestph's first ever styletalks     A few years back, fashion and technology would quickly be written off as completely different industries, perhaps even opposites. One is focused on aesthetics––colors and textures and how one piece could be

Filipino talent takes center stage      Hail, hail! Another season of fresh-off-the-ramp fashion is upon us. Just last weekend, Bench Fashion Week introduced us to new collections from some of the country’s most widely shopped retail brands and lauded designers, before ultimately

Here’s what we’re eyeing     Pinoy pride, like some omnipresent, shapeshifting creature, takes on many forms. For the quintessential tita, it’s sharing any news tidbit that lauds a kababayan for their singing prowess or academic genius. For many a Facebook-equipped grandparent, it’s

Sun in a bottle for rainy days, Mondays and everything in between     A few months ago, right around June, it seemed anyone and everyone I was interacting with was at a low point. At first I thought it was just my

What have Ah Si and Lei been up to?     If you were a resident of the Philippines between 2001 to 2002 and old enough to swoon over beautiful East Asian men, then it’s pretty much a given: you were likely in

Introducing the miracle that transformed my skin texture, Biologique Recherche's Lotion P50T     I’m a skeptic by nature, so when a beauty product is on the receiving end of high praise and close to no bad reviews, I automatically get a little

There’s more to it than just pretty boys and guyliner     Nobody’s ever said that your phone’s wallpaper is the window to your soul, but somebody really ought to put that thought out into the universe. Hear me out: we peer at

The model talks fashion, favorites and sharing wardrobe real estate with her sisters     There's a world of difference between Kaila Estrada's bedroom and her walk-in closet. Where her room is vastly spacious even with three beds each taking up a corner,

Let Zalora Philippines’ CEO show you what goes on behind the scenes     We’ve all heard of and shopped from Zalora. Quick and easy, the online retail giant is many a young, fashion-conscious Filipino’s first foray into online shopping. After all, it’s

A study in everyday escapism     You know that special feeling that comes over you when you pop the button of those too-tight jeans after a big binge meal or the sense of relief that washes over your system the moment you

As told by the self-made and cash-savvy     Before my sister moved to the other side of the globe, there were days when she would drive me halfway to work. As we crossed the 200-peso border from province to city every morning,

On products, process and leaping across the dark-to-blonde spectrum     I first met Andrea Beldua in my first year in publishing. We were seated beside each other and introduced by the writer she attended with, but at that point I already had

A crash course in turning heads from Korea’s hot-right-now provocateurs     Triple H brings a different kind of seduction to the table.   A unit formed by Pentagon members Hui and E’Dawn and girl group member-turned-soloist Hyuna, this trio is shaking up the Korean

Warning: serious food porn ahead     There’s this scene that comes to mind whenever I dip my chopsticks into a bowl of piping hot ramen. It’s from a 1985 Japanese film called Tampopo, where an elderly ramen master teaches his protégé how

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