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Writer, professional fangirl, beauty director and sometimes-stylist. Just another twentysomething Jenna Rink wannabe.

When you’re presented with a free concert viewing for a whole day, would you really skip the opportunity?

“Naka-survival mode tayo ngayon, kaya vulnerable lahat ng mga tao”

You’d think that the picture perfect celebrity would have it all, right? No struggles, no pains and no battles to fight with their own insecurities.

feat. PARADISE RISING’s Ylona Garcia

We’re not exactly sure if we’ll be hearing “Finish him!” in every battle found in the movie but we’re excited to see our favorite characters’ signature final blows on screen.

From the looks of it, we’ll be bathing in more feelings once the record drops

Stave off cabin fever with these online resources

Mark your calendars because for TV and film, 2021 is a gift that keeps on giving.

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