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Say hello to Korean R&B sensation, Dean     If your idea of Korean music stops at the bounds of Psy’s Gangnam Style and a couple of tracks from BTS, you’ve barely scraped the surface. Lesser-known to the global audience but armed with

Note to self: go on a mental health cleanse, especially when the busiest months of the year kick in

Get to know the guy behind the name     We first found Nights of Rizal through a recommendation from a friend in the local music scene. There was an event that needed music, an upward trajectory in the appreciation for Filipino musicians.

The all-around content creator lets us in on her beginnings and the backstories of her gorgeous Instagram feed     Let's admit it: we're all a little Instagram-obsessed.   It comes in varying degrees: some of us spend hours bookmarking and double-tapping, letting one photo

Tighter muscles after a single session? It’s possible     There are those who spend gallantly on beauty and then there are those who identify with the… more frugal school of thought. Despite having one or two products I’d make an exception for,

It’s A Girl Thing is out to prove that the present is as female as the future will be     The future is female—we’ve heard this phrase countless times before, seen it emblazoned across t-shirts and affixed as Instagram bios, seen it

Darling Kink peels back the layers     I found Darling Kink's Instagram account sometime last year. I can't quite remember how I'd mapped out a path to her profile or which of her posts I came across first, but what I do

Welcome to Wonder’s milk tea taste test: three brands, three milk tea fanatics, 100% unfiltered opinions     It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when milk tea transcended the boundary between buzzword and full-on way of life. Hate it or love it, there’s no

Because apparently cleavage and feminism can’t coexist     The topic of sex appeal in K-Pop is something of a gray area. It’s a little ironic, really. There’s no doubt that a large fraction of the industry relies on it. If there were

We take the best-selling Koh Gen Do aqua foundation, herbal mist and relaunched cleansing water for a good ol’ test drive

How does all-natural, all-local skincare fare against mass-produced holy grails?

I tried to live life without plastic for three days. Here’s how it went.

How do MAC, Benefit and NARS’ universally flattering makeup fare across the skin spectrum?

Hye Won talks beauty fail-safes and skincare shifts since her big move to NYC     There’s something awfully intimate about prying around a woman’s beauty space. Whether it’s a vanity, a catch-all plate on a night table countertop or the surface of

Revisit the collections that won us over during stylefestph's Designer Mentorship Program     The first of its kind, stylefestph symbolized a new beginning for fashion industry, for the seasoned designers who introduced their new ready-to-wear collections and most especially for aspiring young

Say goodbye to hoarding abroad; your fave K-Beauty essentials are now within reach     It’s not every day that you get invited to events that sound as wildly exciting as a K-Beauty Carnival.   The invitation was heaven-sent. I could swear I heard

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