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Part-time rowdy ruff girl, full-time (fan)girl

Young creatives share their freelance horror stories––from delayed payment to difficult clients––and teach us a thing or two about freelancing the right way

Time to get those creative juices flowing     The dawn of a fresh year is about welcoming the new as much as it is ridding ourselves of the old. It might sound a little dramatic, we know––but is there really a better

Introducing Wonder Plays Dress-up. We teach you how to wear yellow in five ways.

Looking to get new ear piercings in 2019? We help you find the perfect pairs and placements

Do you think you could swap jobs with someone for a day?     At one point or another, all of us wonder what our lives would be like had we pursued a different career path. While my childhood dreams––a wild spectrum of

Welcome to the good place     When we set foot on the second floor of Warehouse Eight, a coworking space tucked into the back alley of La Fuerza Compound and homebase of the event we were attending, we had no idea what

Like the Philippines, Christianity and conservatism are the norm in South Korea. But how does their gay culture differ from ours?

We all have that one guilty pleasure     I’m writing this article in the second week of December, which means two things: That the holidays and the necessary evils they bring (read: a sudden spike in traffic, thicker mall crowds and ever so

Healthy ingredients you'll actually want to include in your diet     Whether or not you’ve delved into deep research about health and weight loss, chances are if we asked you to name a superfood, you could do so without any trouble at

Is failure really the opposite of success?     I wanted to be a surgeon growing up. Many dreams came and went throughout my childhood––scientist, marine biologist, gasoline station staff worker (the one who was in charge of the complimentary window cleaning service),

We aren’t exaggerating     Yes, Kelsey Merritt is the first Filipina model to have walked down the Victoria’s Secret runway, but she may very well be the first person to ever pull out a wholeass plant on Vogue’s Beauty Secrets video series,

We quiz you on the most popular tv shows of all time. How many can you identify?

Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for these acts at this year’s All of the Noise Music Festival

What can you expect to see from BTS’ Burn the Stage documentary? We break it down for you

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