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Visual Storyteller. Explored the entertainment industry in my early 20s, eventually found my voice by telling people’s stories. Finding joy in writing about empathy, beauty and literature. Always a photographer.

Olivia Rodrigo might be a global pop phenomenon, but she's just like any 18-year-old underneath it all.

From Magnum’s dairy-free vegan alternative to Grab’s summer steals, here’s a roundup of fun summer treats for you

I watched all the movies, read the books and saw it with my own two eyes: having straight guy friends brought a unique kind of fun to the table.

Rather than replace meals, Trizie's gut-cleansing fiber drinks are formulated to complement a balanced diet.

With everyone learning, working and doing everything from home, getting in the zone is tougher than ever

“If you are guided by principles and good values and motivated correctly, then you will go far and you will be able to sustain it”

Will League of Legends fans, players and theorists be getting more answers? Or will Arcane have its viewers asking more questions once it drops?

Your presence taught me that there are certain people who are meant to stay in our lives even with the most unconventional beginnings.

Zauner's language is so meticulous in self-examination that it can accommodate a hundred feelings in a single arc. Part of that has to do with the way she writes about food

If you’re looking for the next title to watch or to recommend to your Mom Figures, check out these Mother’s Day films

A beginner’s guide to diagnosing dry vs. dehydrated skin

Flash deals up to 50% off, free shipping with no minimum spend, 50% cashback—all happening today     This 5.5 Brands Festival, shoppers can expect discounts up to 90% off, flash deals up to 50% off, free shipping with no minimum spend, and

If you're planning your next renovation project, Open Door gives us additional home inspo for our future spaces

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