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Faith-filled storyteller in constant pursuit of all things beauty

The conversations continue to go beyond fashion and more towards actual change  A few months ago, we wrote about advocating for social justice, and how it’s become cool to care and cool to be aware. But social justice in fashion? It

Pista Ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2019 is changing up the themes of Filipino films. But in a festival that features hardships and heartbreak, LSS acts as a necessary breather

A Style Edit means more than a change in aesthetic; it can mean a personal evolution. And as Jess Connelly’s history in the public eye has proven, an evolution can be a powerful thing.

For the one tending to the flock: Find the right balance and set boundaries.

#IAmSOGIE encompasses us all. This isn’t about getting more or less, it’s about being fair.

Yes, there is a sugar baby app you can explore. And yes, there are willing daddies on mommies on there.

A thorough exploration of how we consume art and the different roles it plays in our lives

What does it mean to dress up like a man anyway?  Of the digital covers Wonder has had, three were headlined by men—Unique Salonga for April, Jason Dhakal for July and IV of Spades for August. The men we’ve featured and

We explore the relationship between food, beauty and indulgence with showbiz sweetheart Sue Ramirez

Filipino-made music is alive and well—and a hundred local acts are waiting to be heard at the Pinoy Music Festival 2019

We asked. You gave us your answers. Here are the style icons of today, what they symbolize and why people look up to them  style /stīl/noun. a manner of doing something; a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to

A round table discussion with the trailblazing musician, artist and theater actress as they get candid about women’s empowerment

A first look at the launch of Careless Music Manila's fresh new entertainment platform, Island City

September might be fashion month, but we're setting our sights on editing our beauty counters, too

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