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The Lion King has the star power and technology of 2019 to bring our childhood favorite to the real world. So much potential, too little follow through

But wait, there’s no such thing as a superfood     It was around 2011 or 2012 when I first heard the term superfood. The then-beauty editor of the magazine I used to work for was working on a story about a specific

Yesterday is an homage to The Beatles—by reimagining a world without them.

The Vowels They Orbit addresses the green-eyed monster we all know too well at the launch of their music video for Selos

“Skincare first, makeup second” reverberated in the very core of my being until these same products which gave me an uplifted sense of self-confidence became a source of shame.

And why you’re doing yourself a favor by limiting the use of pegs in your creative process

Our obsession towards the ideal and why it just doesn’t exist     I grew up an only child with a mom and a dad. As I got older, I learned that I had a brother through my dad, from his first wife

Which website should you go to to get a certain global beauty brand in the Philippines? Behold, a comparative, cross-website guide to answer that question.

Did you miss last weekend’s S Maison x Auro World Chocolate Fair? Fear not, our chocolate-loving, fam

In celebration of Kids These Days, our eyes (and ears) are on musician Jason Dhakal as he talks youth, pride and escaping the grasp of an older generation

We’ll give you a new artist to add to your current playlist. All you need to do is answer a few questions.

For anyone predisposed to comparing the new season of a series to its last, Stranger Things 3 is a rip-roaring reminder to shake the habit, but triumphs anyway at living up to expectations

In a world of #MeToo, we’re also saying #RespetoNaman in the face of gender-based violence

We tried out readily available acne patches in the drugstore and found “the one!”

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