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The Pinoy boy band is going on a free nationwide tour  There are a number of ways to tell if someone––a celebrity or a pop group, for instance––is the real deal. Rising from the ranks and becoming an internet sensation is

Because the path to personal growth requires you to know who you really are  It took decades, failed relationships (romantic and platonic) and a series of life-changing events for me to realize two things about myself: I am not the easiest

Stuck in a beauty rut? Consider trying out these hair and makeup looks in 2020

Looking to try a new workout in 2020? We give you a starting point.

Guys, the average Filipino is 4.3 inches  Hello, you better not be a young ’un. If you’re under 18, how about taking a fun quiz instead?  I heard a story before, about how foreign women used to prefer Filipino lovers—a concept that

A crash course in female contraceptives (because the condom isn't your only option)

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