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Leave it to the ladies to breathe new life into this traditional piece  The Barong Tagalog is a staple most men only unearth from their wardrobes for key events like weddings and formal ceremonies. Well, not anymore. In Keeping with TraditionBorrow the

A weekend of skate tricks on skate ramps, custom obstacles and looks—lots of looks

The official Stylecouncil is clocking in  Runway show after runway show, season after season, the global audience has seen for itself that there is no shortage of talent in the Philippines. The long-standing hurdle, however, remains to be the process of

In polite society, cigarette breaks are never without this  When an addictive substance is made obtainable legally and easily, the result is one widespread and widely accepted bad habit. It’s cigarette smoking: one habit shared by some 15.9 million Filipinos (nearly

More than blood, allies  When Wonder sat down with trans woman Janlee Dunca last month, she said something utterly refreshing about her transformation journey: “Every day is a transition.” “Whenever I meet someone new, I transition to that person,” she said, pertaining