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A candid account of an Insta-newbie as she talks overcoming FOMO, self-control and offline relationships     Once a lowly photo social app, Instagram has now become larger than (online) life itself. “Photos or it didn’t happen,” as absurd an unspoken rule as

What a full face of #KathxHappySkin looks like after 12 hours with no touchups

A beauty girl who swears by an eight-step routine takes on a skin care challenge with Althea Korea.

When a night owl attempts to become a morning person     I have a love-hate relationship with sleep. It’s been a relentless struggle of mine (it almost feels like a chore at times) to merely fall asleep. But once I drift off,

Featuring Fall/Winter 2018 shoe trends that are wearable here and shoppable right now

Sit tight; it’s a long way to August 27     August will test you. August will drain you. August will try your patience. If you’re not careful, that is. According to astrologers, these are just some of the highly possible scenarios brought

Editor and Stylefestph mentor Sarah Santiago talks fun but realistic workwear trends for the gents

Donny Pangilinan is the newcomer to know and keep your tabs on.

A love letter to the ladies of Girl Skate, who insist on cruising alongside the fellas in the male-dominated sport and flaunt excellent skater girl style.

The eyes have it in this beauty editorial about upping your liquid liner game

Quirky mementos, a minimalist way of living, a creative’s dream apartment

Proof that there’s plenty of room to play even with an office dress code in place

I timed my minutes on the road to find out     I used to be able to squeeze in a bit of work before hitting the sack. I’d come home, get settled, enjoy a little me time, have a good dinner, get

“Here’s Looking at You” is a beauty story about eye-catching looks where more is more; and it’s one of the few occasions where we’ll gladly celebrate excess.

She caps off this anniversary with her very own limited-edition makeup collection     “Cut from a different cloth…and they don’t make that fabric anymore.” No other adage describes the era of the original supermodel quite as perfectly. And it’s unmistakable just looking

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