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On this month’s Wonder Treats, we’re looking at some of the best that the Christmas season has to offer

Clean your ears, folks. This deserves a listen.

But doesn’t maximize its potential  Warning: minor spoilers ahead Nearly every generation has had its own Charlie’s Angels. The 70’s had Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson, and the 00’s had Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. Today, we’re introduced

I was ready to make my pink-haired dreams a reality with The Color Bar  Like most kids who grew up around animé and K-Pop and in the influential circle of colorful-haired pop stars, I’ve long harbored the dream of crossing

A first step into ((( O )))'s Sundrop Garden, featuring the launch of Sundrop ((( 1 )))

Come for the beach, stay for the funk  San Juan, La Union welcomes its funky new neighbor, Funky Quarters. But just how funky is this 12-bedroom hotel? Well, it offers luxe bunk-style accommodations with serious nods to steampunk style. Its owners

In case you haven't yet, TEMPT just be the push you need to take a chance on Thai pop music

A look into the history of the performance art, the highlights of the show and the future of ballet featuring local talent  Ballet, to many, is a performance art reserved for a cultured few. It originated in the Italian Renaissance courts

There's more than just music here: take a peek at the exciting All of the Noise 2019 schedule

November 20 marks Karpos Live Mix 10—and it’s featuring Phum Viphurit and IV Of Spades

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